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Changing to stay the same

The turbocharged hybrid combination relaunches Suzuki's most popular sport utility, heir to the SX4 and with a history spanning three generations. True to itself, designed in Japan, engineered in Italy and assembled in Hungary


We need to realize, as quickly as possible, that we are living in a totally different period marked by inflation compared to the past, otherwise, at the end of the year, the risk is finding nasty surprises in the final balance sheet

Time for a tire change

Latest proposals from leading tire manufacturers to cope with low temperatures and snow and icy roads

Mobile tire repair

Fleet service brings mobile workshops back under the spotlight, and not just for emergency response on heavy vehicles. The offer expands with increasingly compact solutions.

Assistance and diagnostics 360°

No shortage of new products and services for the Treviso-based company, which has recently celebrated its 30th year in business. All business sectors are involved, but equipment designed for EV assistance are particularly noteworthy