Asian style

This is how Korean cars have been able to set new quality standards, with warranties extended to 7 years or 150,000 km, just like the Kia Ceed, sedan and station wagon, which has been on the European market for over 17 years and has recently been updated

Japanese comfort

he premium SUV gets an almost complete makeover, while remaining true to itself. New features and hybrid engines, including a plug-in unit, besides comprehensive equipment such as flashy 18- and 20-inch wheels 

Growing family of large cats

An evocative name from the past for a car projected into the future. The new Puma reflects the latest requirements for all-round mobility, a sporty yet eco-friendly demeanour

Felini in crescita

Un nome evocativo che viene dal passato, per una vettura proiettata al futuro. Con la nuova Puma i contenuti rispecchiano le più attuali necessità di una mobilità a tutto campo, anche sportiveggiante e con un accento eco-friendly

Changing to stay the same

The turbocharged hybrid combination relaunches Suzuki's most popular sport utility, heir to the SX4 and with a history spanning three generations. True to itself, designed in Japan, engineered in Italy and assembled in Hungary

Evolution of the species

Catenaccio: By raising the Impreza's platform, Subaru came up with the XV, more SUV than crossover thanks to 4wd, greater ground clearance and off-road ability. And following the 2021 restyling also a new e-Boxer hybrid powertrain.

Back to the future

Half a century has passed. Fifty years after the appearance of the first Honda Civic – eleven generations of the Japanese city car since 1972 - the Tokyo-based company reaffirms its concept of urban mobility with the zero-emission "e" model.

Call me crossover

The first sport utility vehicle of the modern era, the Qashqai has now been revamped and powered by low-emission mild and full-electric powertrains

The turning point

As one era draws to an end another one begins. With the 240 series, dating back to the 80’s, Volvo introduced diesel engines on a large scale, now with the new S60, diesel engines disappear from the Swedish maker’s catalogue in favour of plug-in hybrids

Long range electric driving

Two levels of power and decent mileage (450 kilometres) for the Korean crossover ready to take on the EV market. High-capacity batteries and snappy engines characterize this urban crossover