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Music on the road

Part city car part MPV, the fourth generation Jazz stays true to its aesthetic standards, introducing hybrid power and HEV as a more sustainable solution

Who’s right?

We have long learnt how in our digitalised society we have to guard against unreliable news that we often call “fake news”, a fashionable expression we have borrowed from the English language. However, when authoritative sources argue on opposite sides on matters that affect household incomes, some deep thinking is necessary

Appetite for victory

Hankook's commitment to motorsport strengthens with the exclusive supply of tyres for the Formula E World Championship and the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, starting in 2023

Sustainable materials for tyres, increasingly necessary research

Many of the materials used in tyre construction are oil derivatives, making tyres dependent on a limited resource with a high environmental impact, which is why both manufacturers and research institutions are striving to find sustainable materials

The logistic side of tyres

CEVA TyreCity is at the heart of an efficient logistic model, “tailor-made” for tyres