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The professional tyre magazine

Pneurama is the international edition of the Italian tyre magazine published by Edit Prom Srl.
Pneurama is an important window on the marketplace, a reliable benchmark for professionals in Italy and abroad.
The magazine covers the entire new tyre and retread distribution network, road transport, maintenance and services. It is an effective information tool for the world of tyres, with regular updates on commercial policies, market developments, transport, innovations, technologies and products.
Pneurama also presents outside views of the marketplace and internal perspectives of the sector by its three proprietor associations in the industry: AICA (Italian Garage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association), AIRP (Italian Tyre Retreaders Association) and Federpneus (Italian Tyre Specialists’ Association).


Communicating the marketplace

It showcases all product innovations, the latest trends, road transport, with specials on the world of tyres and garage equipment, company profiles, innovations and vehicle servicing. It spotlights tyre retailers and retreaders with in-depth technical and legal studies, analyses of industry policies, domestic and international market trends, and much more.
Pneurama continues to evolve in order to effectively represent the developments in tyres that have become more and more technological and geared to performance, and to grow with the marketplace by offering its readers new scenarios and points of view.
Now Pneurama is also online with a series of additional features, an English version of the magazine, and news about market innovations in Pneurama Weekly.  



In yesterday's experiences lie the perspectives of tomorrow

In 1964 AIRP (Italian Tyre Retreaders’ Association) produced a magazine for its member companies.
It was a single issue which was published at the end of the Association’s second year to outline its policy guidelines and was the first step towards the trade magazine Airpgomma, which became Pneurama in 1971. Officially launched in 1965, Airpgomma began as the international edition of a bilingual magazine for sector specialists, agencies, institutions, associations and the press. Initially, it was a window on the retreading world, but with an approach that would make it the future “magazine for the tyre world”.


Editorial No. 1 – January/February 1966
“…Airpgomma is published not only to disclose the most advanced procedures and the vast economic and social importance of tyre retreading, but also to show how this process is part of the overall economy of a tyre’s life. In particular, how its products benefit a wide range of sectors, including new tyre manufacturers, tyre specialists and, most of all, private and public consumers who take advantage of its services in sectors where all kinds of tyres are employed, from cars to aircraft. (…)
Airpgomma wants to build an ideal bridge to the international tyre retreading world in order to eliminate any “watertight compartments” in the expansion of common experiences and to achieve its most coveted goal: international specialization”. In 1970, the cover title “Bimonthly Magazine of the Italian Tyre Retreaders’ Association” was changed to “Bimonthly Tyre Information Magazine”. Airpgomma grew and was restyled when FEDERPNEUS (Italian Tyre Specialists’ Association) was founded in 1970.
Issue No. 6/1970 reads: “From Airpgomma to Pneurama”.

In 1971 Pneurama was introduced as the official organ of AIRP and FEDERPNEUS, also owned by AICA (Italian Garage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association established in 1976).

Editorial Airpgomma No. 6 – 1970.
“Pneurama will increase its circulation, its national and international distribution; it will heighten its editorial commitment to keeping pace with accelerated progress; it will expand its services to offer readers an increasingly wider panorama of the world of tyres. (…) These are the goals Pneurama has set in the knowledge that not only is it supported by the majority of the sector’s business operators, but also by those operators who have always had a professional and specialized conception of tyres.” The scope of Pneurama will continue to grow with increased national and international circulation and a more global approach. No longer the official organ of trade associations, but an independent magazine with the added value of direct experience of the market and its associations.