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Excise duties and short supply chain

No one plans to return to a close autarchic system, but neither is the opposite desirable, which in strict lexical terms means dependence and subjection

Cyber-tire, a data management alliance is born 

Five tire manufacturers establish and share the standard for Rfid chip tire casing identification: a "number" makes the entire life of the tire traceable and interacts with in-vehicle systems and auto equipment

Reducing rolling noise: an increasingly pressing need

The space between the wheel and the tire casing is shaped like a tube, and the air within it can resonate and produce annoying sounds while travelling. This phenomenon is most noticeable in quiet electric vehicles, but the industry has developed several countermeasures

The tire becomes green

Retreadable and reusable, fully recyclable, even as a component of high value-added products: the tire is a crucial part of the circular economy. This was discussed during the recent Autopromotec, where green economy projects and careers were also awarded

Tire dealers’ sell out under the lens

Research institute Gfk analyses monthly sell-out data from a large panel of specialized tire dealers, highlighting in real time several trends running through the market. 2022 gets off to a good start despite consumer uncertainties