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Happy 2022

In this issue, the last one of 2021, which coincides with the holiday season and the start of a new year, rather than talking about the problems, we wish to focus on the other side of the coin, the good news

An economy that is as circular... as a tyre

It is time for all players in the supply chain - as well as local authorities - to intensify their efforts to ensure that fully reusable and end-of-life recyclable products - like tyres - regain their rightful place in the new green economy

SportContact, sporty driving by Continental

The Hanover-based company's newest product features three new technical specs: adaptive tread design, a size-specific configuration and BlackChili compound

A tire for everyone

As winter approaches and temperatures plummet below 7°C, there is a pressing need to equip trucks with tires designed to drive on snow and ice. Several “regular" tires show themselves to be rather suitable in this regard as well. Here is an overview of the products offered by some of the world’s top manufacturers in three specific areas: long-haul, regional and winter tires

Michelin revamps its CrossClimate

New compound and new tread design for the second generation of the French group's four-season tire 

Giti Tire bets on the European market

Among the new products unveiled in September, we find the GitiWinterW2, the Giti GAO897 off-road tire and 13 new sizes for the GT Radial 4Seasons

Pirelli, placing sustainability in the picture

Carbon Neutrality and welfare are the key words of Pirelli’s new strategic plan. We spoke about this with Filippo Bettini Pirelli Sustainability and Future Mobility officer