Sustainable materials for tyres, increasingly necessary research

Many of the materials used in tyre construction are oil derivatives, making tyres dependent on a limited resource with a high environmental impact, which is why both manufacturers and research institutions are striving to find sustainable materials

The logistic side of tyres

CEVA TyreCity is at the heart of an efficient logistic model, “tailor-made” for tyres

A new course for Prometeon

The fast-growing truck tire manufacturer is seeking to consolidate its market position and affirm its identity with precise strategic choices as well as sponsorship projects in the World Superbike Championship and Parma Calcio


Reducing rolling noise: an increasingly pressing need

The space between the wheel and the tire casing is shaped like a tube, and the air within it can resonate and produce annoying sounds while travelling. This phenomenon is most noticeable in quiet electric vehicles, but the industry has developed several countermeasures

Tire development goes digital and virtual

From special racing tires to production models, R&D is now driven by computer simulations able to test new products before they are made

Sustainability in the production of new elastomers

Elastomers are complex structures that have to meet conflicting requirements in addition to being subjected to sustainability goals. Here are some of the solutions on the market