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Forerunner of a new era

The C40 ushers in a new era of fully electrified Volvo vehicles. The Swedish brand's first zero-emission car shares the platform of the XC40 Recharge hybrid, expanding its “green” vision

You are the future

Autopromotec is preparing the next Futurmotive from 16 to 18 November at Bolognafiere. The event is dedicated to the mobility of the Future and will showcase several new technologies that are already a usable reality

Bridgestone renews commitment to safety with Turanza 6

The summer tyre is available in 136 sizes for 16" to 22" wheels and suitable for passenger cars and SUVs whether ICE, hybrid or electric. We tested it on Bridgestone's test track in Aprilia

Tyres for “mobile homes”

For some time now, a video ( has been all the rage on social media, in which a motorhome, while negotiating a downhill hairpin bend, suddenly loses grip on a snow-clad road and its driver deftly counter steers to get it back on the 'straight and narrow'

Mosconi Gomme: networking strengthens our independence

A solid specialisation in tyre management combined with a strong multi-service vocation. A deep-rooted individual approach coupled to a strong team spirit. These are the characteristics that have made Mosconi Gomme the ideal candidate to join the Point S network

Sustainability in the tyre industry starts with design

Each tyre is made up of dozens of different substances, and while some can be obtained in one manner, for others, new alternatives and “greener” supply channels and processes are in sight

Geopolitical tensions and sanctions, what consequences for the tyre industry?

The Covid-19 pandemic created huge difficulties for many industrial sectors, including the automotive industry, and the situation is still far from ideal as geopolitical tensions - first and foremost the Russian invasion of Ukraine - and the raw materials crisis have also increased difficulties for the tyre industry

New vehicle inspection package postponed until 2024

The news is far from ideal, although it was in the air: the new 'Vehicle Inspection Package' issued by the European Commission, initially expected in the second quarter of this year, has been postponed until after the summer break