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Revolution “H”

A sub-zero emission engine? No, we are not talking about arctic temperatures, but the ability to be pollution-free, even purifying the air while travelling. Hydrogen (chemical symbol H) is the most widespread natural element in the universe. Yet, paradoxically, among the solutions adopted by the motor industry, hydrogen-based fuel has met very little success in the automotive market

Future era

Picking up from where Nissan’s Leaf left off, the Japanese giant entrusts the new Ariya with the task of fully electrifying mass mobility. Comfortable rather than sporty, its Intelligent Mobility technology enables high standards of functionality with ProPilot driver assistance

Tyre market: innovation rate and sales on the rise

GfK surveys the sales of almost all non-food consumer goods in more than 70 countries worldwide, with more than 130,000 retail partners. GfK in Italy is active with a panel of tyre specialists dedicated to the tyre sector. Through the analysis of data collected on an ongoing basis, GfK is able to provide a detailed snapshot of the evolution of the various sectors, in a multi-commodity and multi-channel logic

Tyre services and the evolution of the business

Connectivity and digital services are changing the automotive industry, including the tyre business. One macro-trend is the shift from sales/after-sales services to customer relationships that allow multiple and meaningful interactions for both parties

Freedom on two wheels

Innovative materials and treads, designed to improve grip, are the latest innovations dedicated to touring and sport-touring tyres