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Digitization and internet of things the new challenges for tire shops

We are well aware that during the various lockdowns caused by the pandemic, online shopping soared to new records. The tragic Covid-19-driven contingency, however, has only emphasized a trend that was already evident, and that is to consider the Internet as an important purchasing channel

Post-covid revitalization

New governance in Italy and Europe, but the road ahead remains difficult

The new machinery directive

The long process needed to revise the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) came to an end on 21 April last, when the European Commission presented the proposal for a new Regulation

Beyond all ages

After 45 years Ford revamps the iconic Fiesta now in its seventh generation. Wide range of tailor-made solutions and a choice of engines with powers ranging between 70 and 200 HP, with 15 to 18inch steel or alloy wheels.

For every season

Halfway through the year, summer tires are not the only ones to enjoy the spotlight. There is a lot of buzz around winter and multi-seasonal tires, equally divided into all segments of professional transport: from vans to large trucks and trailers to buses.

Raw materials on a rollercoaster ride

Transport prices are skyrocketing along with raw materials with inevitable repercussions on producers' price lists. The trend may be easing a little, but forecasts remain uncertain.  We spoke about this with Fabio Bertolotti, director of Assogomma