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Michelin gearing up for carbon neutrality by 2050

The French group’s "All Sustainable Strategy" aims to make industrial processes more efficient and produce eco-responsible products such as Michelin e.Primacy and Pilot Sport EV

Technology working for garages and motorists

Tires are the only vehicle components that actually touch the road. In an era where connectivity is becoming a staple in automotive, Connected Tires will quickly become your tire dealer’s new allies

For every season

Halfway through the year, summer tires are not the only ones to enjoy the spotlight. There is a lot of buzz around winter and multi-seasonal tires, equally divided into all segments of professional transport: from vans to large trucks and trailers to buses.

Damage Analysis Guide

Sometimes, serving the customer means being able to recognize and explain the reasons behind a damage, keeping in mind the difference between a repairable tire and an end-of-life tire

Motorsport technology and racing tires

In developing tires for racing cars and motorcycles, manufacturers rely on virtual design, materials research, data analysis and on-track testing. We spoke about this with some of the top producers.

SUV-friendly winter

Here is what the manufacturers are proposing for the next cold season, with the latest news as well as well-established products ready to support our SUV’s in winter conditions

Guide to damage analysis

Sometimes, serving the customer means, for the tire dealer, also being able to recognize and explain the reasons why a tire has been damaged keeping in mind the boundary between a repairable tire and an end-of-life tire.