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LNG in Italy: past goals and new objectives

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) in our country has revolutionized the transport sector. An evolution that has affected Italy since the early 2010s, a period that saw the opening of the first LNG filling stations

What can tire dealers expect in 2022?

Tensions over commodity prices and a fluctuating recovery overlap with the automotive transition, painting a picture that is far from easy to interpret

DMV tests according to Brussels

As the harmonized European regime prescribed by Directives 2014/45, 2014/46 and 2014/47 approaches completion in 2023

Egea meets the European commissioner Thierry Breton

Among the many topics on the agenda, the meeting that would soon take place with the European Commission's top management on access to in-car data, took centre stage during the EGEA Autumn Meeting, held on October 6

The off-road world welcomes Dynapro MT2

The South Korean manufacturer designed a new tire suitable for demanding conditions. The product is available for the European market in more than 19 sizes

Gruelling brake tests for efficiency

Brakes are a crucial component in any vehicle: their efficiency can literally be a "matter of life and death"

Call me crossover

The first sport utility vehicle of the modern era, the Qashqai has now been revamped and powered by low-emission mild and full-electric powertrains