The logistic side of tyres

CEVA TyreCity is at the heart of an efficient logistic model, “tailor-made” for tyres

Advanced Consulting Project for the Tire Dealers of tomorrow

Driver has created an innovative business analysis tool to support the dealers within its network in their specific needs. Pneusmarca and Puntogomme Lazio speak about their experience with the project, which started in 2022 with a first sample of companies.

Five-star tire storage

The seasonal tire change is a practice that concerns about 60% of Italian motorists

How technology is changing maintenance services

Connected cars, 5G networks and predictive maintenance. Technology will change the work of mechatronics engineers forever

What can tire dealers expect in 2022?

Tensions over commodity prices and a fluctuating recovery overlap with the automotive transition, painting a picture that is far from easy to interpret

Technology working for garages and motorists

Tires are the only vehicle components that actually touch the road. In an era where connectivity is becoming a staple in automotive, Connected Tires will quickly become your tire dealer’s new allies

Digitization and internet of things the new challenges for tire shops

We are well aware that during the various lockdowns caused by the pandemic, online shopping soared to new records. The tragic Covid-19-driven contingency, however, has only emphasized a trend that was already evident, and that is to consider the Internet as an important purchasing channel