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Tire change

Winter is coming and motorists are obliged to replace summer tyres with those suitable for the period from 15 November to 15 April or to carry approved snow chains

“Green” vulcanization: research opens up new eco-friendly possibilities

“Vulcanization” a simple word that hides production processes that have evolved following the birth of the modern rubber industry. The vulcanization process takes place under strictly controlled temperature (at least 130°C) and pressure conditions in special ovens

United we stand!

"Tyre dealers are by no means the last link in the tyre distribution chain. If anything, quite the contrary," stated quite bluntly Patrizio Ferretti, president of the ItalyTyre network (10-million-euro annual turnover).

Labor market: workers a scarce commodity in Italy

Entrepreneurs have been sounding the alarm for some time and now, as if to confirm past unsettling reports, new updated (and increasingly worrying) data come from a Confartigianato report: the number of vacant positions out of the total personnel hiring in July 2023 has reached 47.9%, compared to 40.3% the previous year

Motorbike tyres: dwindling sales in 2023 after a strong 2022

The motorcycle tire market (motorcycles and scooters) in Italy relating to the Specialized Tire Channel (excluding dealers and workshops) ended 2022 with 1.7 million units sold, a significant increase over the previous year (+13.7%) and 166 million euro, +33% compared to 2021

P Zero enriched with three new tires

Technology, sustainability, and performance. Pirelli engineers worked on these elements for the design of the three new P Zero tyres

The future is a complex object

Whoever is involved in the mobility sector will undoubtedly identify this decade as a period marked by the “ecological transition challenge” and the discussions arising from this issue

The evolution of the Chinese car market

Currently the entire automotive sector is going through an unprecedented transformation. As the ecological transition and increasingly stringent regulations on CO2 emissions are a guarantee for a more sustainable development of the global economy, countries around the world are committed to achieving carbon neutrality