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The evolution of the “automotive” species

For 25 years ANFIA Service has been helping Italian companies in the automotive supply chain to have what it takes to best compete in the domestic market as well as abroad

Smooth running

From Magneti Marelli Parts & Services comes a new line of lubricating oils, developed with Shell and intended for the Checkstar network and distribution through spare parts dealers

Damage Analysis Guide

Sometimes, serving the customer means being able to recognize and explain the reasons behind a damage, keeping in mind the difference between a repairable tire and an end-of-life tire

Motorsport technology and racing tires

In developing tires for racing cars and motorcycles, manufacturers rely on virtual design, materials research, data analysis and on-track testing. We spoke about this with some of the top producers.

Time for a leap forward

Linglong, a large Chinese group that ranks as the fourteenth largest tire manufacturer in the world, will build its sixth factory in the city of Tongchuan, with expected investments of around 778 million euro.

SUV-friendly winter

Here is what the manufacturers are proposing for the next cold season, with the latest news as well as well-established products ready to support our SUV’s in winter conditions

Guide to damage analysis

Sometimes, serving the customer means, for the tire dealer, also being able to recognize and explain the reasons why a tire has been damaged keeping in mind the boundary between a repairable tire and an end-of-life tire.