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The blink of an eye

What is the perception about publishing this magazine over the last thirty years? It felt like a blink of an eye. In fact, thirty years have passed from the first issue of the magazine, the September-October 1994 issue, to this, my last issue. It seems like yesterday

Michelin, looking forward through business diversification

Simulation software, image recognition, special textiles and films, alternative fuel vehicles: Michelin's strategy outlines a diversification plan oriented towards advanced and high added value technologies

Something is happening

We are overwhelmed by so many bureaucratic formalities, the real purpose of which is at times nothing short of a mystery, that we end up overlooking regulations that are crucial for traffic safety

Generation after generation

It was back in 1997 when Lexus introduced the Luxury SUV concept to the world offering what was to become the rising sun brand's most successful model. High-level technological contents are featured also on the fifth series, with hybrid engine systems, including plug-in