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For every season

Halfway through the year, summer tires are not the only ones to enjoy the spotlight. There is a lot of buzz around winter and multi-seasonal tires, equally divided into all segments of professional transport: from vans to large trucks and trailers to buses.

Big rigs revamp the look

As sustainable power-units are still in the pipeline, diesel trucks will continue to circulate for some time. However, manufacturers are continuously improving performance and fuel consumption in an attempt to reduce the environmental impact and increase efficiency as evidenced by the latest Scania, the “low cost” Ford and the completely renewed Man range

Made to withstand bad weather

Manufacturers have been hard at work on tires designed to cope with harsh winter conditions. All segments of the vehicle market have been affected, from light to heavy-duty commercial vehicles, on/off-road and buses. Innovations also in the field of vehicle maintenance and services.

Michelin launches the new X Multi 315/80 R 22.5

Designed for regional multi-purpose transport, this tire is the result of a combination of 5 different technologies developed within the French multinational's research centres.

On the road all year round

The market welcomes two all-season light transport tires by Bridgestone and Firestone: Duravis All Season and Vanhawk Multiseason

Goodyear Introduces Kmax T Gen-2

Goodyear expands the Kmax Gen-2 range with a new generation trailer tire, featuring 3PMSF markings, Rfid technology and longer mileage

City roads or snowclad mountains; there’s a tire for everyone

City buses and trucks working in difficult conditions are the main recipients of the innovative products presented in recent months. For passenger transport, two new models are specifically designed for electrically driven vehicles, which are set to gain an increasing market share

Connected to the future

Goodyear's services and products look to a future in which vehicles will communicate with each other and with the surrounding infrastructure. Likewise, significant changes will affect tires, with new tread patterns and casings, driven by new power units