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The turning point

As one era draws to an end another one begins. With the 240 series, dating back to the 80’s, Volvo introduced diesel engines on a large scale, now with the new S60, diesel engines disappear from the Swedish maker’s catalogue in favour of plug-in hybrids

Long range electric driving

Two levels of power and decent mileage (450 kilometres) for the Korean crossover ready to take on the EV market. High-capacity batteries and snappy engines characterize this urban crossover

Let us restart

Most management courses teach how to have a vision of the future for our companies, illustrating the need to develop so-called lateral thinking, i.e., the ability to analyse logical problems that confront us with a different approach, looking at issues from different perspectives rather than approaching them the traditional way

Michelin gearing up for carbon neutrality by 2050

The French group’s "All Sustainable Strategy" aims to make industrial processes more efficient and produce eco-responsible products such as Michelin e.Primacy and Pilot Sport EV

Technology working for garages and motorists

Tires are the only vehicle components that actually touch the road. In an era where connectivity is becoming a staple in automotive, Connected Tires will quickly become your tire dealer’s new allies

The perfect wheel

Wheel manufacturers invest in innovative materials, technologies and design to create approved, lightweight, efficient and safe product

The correct alignment

Often mistakenly confused with toe-in (which is only a part of it), correct wheel alignment is crucial as vehicle stability and even proper tire wear depend on it

EU bans ICE cars from 2035, 6.2% of GDP at risk

In a little less than 15 years it will be practically impossible to buy a new ICE car, and it will make no difference if it is a hybrid version. With this decision the European Union wants to permanently stop the sale of millions of cars in Europe