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Retreaded tires and environmental transition

Italian retreaders met in Imola for their annual meeting: enhancing the role of retreads to support the “green” transition, looking at environmental policies as well as producers

Remote pressure control, fleet managers exult!

Lots of vehicles, lots of tires: this is how commercial fleets could be described. It is a fact that the silver medal on a hypothetical podium of the major fleet expenses goes to fuel costs (the gold medal goes to salaries), which are notoriously linked to tire pressure

The turning point

As one era draws to an end another one begins. With the 240 series, dating back to the 80’s, Volvo introduced diesel engines on a large scale, now with the new S60, diesel engines disappear from the Swedish maker’s catalogue in favour of plug-in hybrids

Long range electric driving

Two levels of power and decent mileage (450 kilometres) for the Korean crossover ready to take on the EV market. High-capacity batteries and snappy engines characterize this urban crossover