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Aiming for higher safety levels

Two-or four-posts, electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical, single or double scissor, independent column lifts: the range of garage lifts on the market seems endless. However, product evolution is moving in the direction of improved ergonomics and increased safety.

A new hope

There is a profound difference between reporting facts and events, and writing about history.

Sermi, is it the end of a long story?

It was back in 2008 when the European Commission decided to regulate access to vehicle security data, in this case anti-theft data, so as to allow independent operators to operate competitively and guarantee the fulfillment of the Euro 5/6 Regulations (715/2007 and 692/2008)

Micra but certainly not micro

Now in its fifth generation, the best-selling Nissan ever, downsized its engines but not its overall size. The bodywork in fact is larger than ever before, and single 5-door configuration guarantees easier on board access.

Seasonal tire change

Here are some of the proposals from premium tire manufacturers to tackle low temperatures and snow-covered roads.

New strategies

The pandemic prompted tire manufacturers to find innovative solutions to retain their competitiveness.

Michelin launches the new X Multi 315/80 R 22.5

Designed for regional multi-purpose transport, this tire is the result of a combination of 5 different technologies developed within the French multinational's research centres.

Goodyear updates light transport range

The e-commerce segment is expanding rapidly and door-to-door deliveries needs to adapt to rapid changes: Goodyear supports logistics businesses and seeks to cater for their needs and requirements.