Sustainable materials for tyres, increasingly necessary research

Many of the materials used in tyre construction are oil derivatives, making tyres dependent on a limited resource with a high environmental impact, which is why both manufacturers and research institutions are striving to find sustainable materials

LNG in Italy: past goals and new objectives

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) in our country has revolutionized the transport sector. An evolution that has affected Italy since the early 2010s, a period that saw the opening of the first LNG filling stations

Retreaded tires and environmental transition

Italian retreaders met in Imola for their annual meeting: enhancing the role of retreads to support the “green” transition, looking at environmental policies as well as producers

ELT: the Ministry boosts ELT collection

The December 11, 2020 directive establishes a 15% increase obligation in ELT collection to address critical issues in the territory. A significant step for all retailers