RAV3D2.0WALL: technology with an eye for design

Innovative, elegant and efficient. This is how Ravaglioli defines the latest automotive wheel aligner. The result of lengthy research and design work, the new RAV3D2.0WALL is a concentrate of technology that represents the forerunner of the AllOnWall series, "a series of wheel aligners designed for garages that increasingly focus on the choice of working tools, not only from a functional point of view but also from an aesthetic one," explains Massimo Mambrilla, VSGE electronic competence centre director at Ravaglioli. The set-up has been designed no longer as a cabin unit but as a panel on which it is possible to store the necessary equipment to perform wheel alignment operations.

A solution that allows freedom and flexibility of action without burdening the workshop with additional equipment such as a transfer tower or a PC. The lines of the wall-mounted consoles are sophisticated and each element, that makes up the wheel aligner, finds its own position in the assigned panel, making it practical. The designers also worked on aesthetic features such as the graphics of the rubber mat that houses the 3D measuring heads and the Ravaglioli logo backlit with a warm white LED bar. On the other hand, as far as technical aspects are concerned, all activities are controlled via a 10'' tablet that the operator can carry with him or place on the lifting bridge during adjustment, thanks to the incorporated magnets. "The RAV3D2.0WALL wheel aligner represents a real style revolution for Ravaglioli, which no longer just wants to satisfy the functional needs of the market but also wants to meet the aesthetic taste of the end user," continues Mambrilla. “The brand remains faithful to its consolidated technological know-how, proving once again, its ability to develop pioneering solutions. Ravaglioli has in fact brought wheel alignment operations into the palm of one hand via a tablet. If I had to define this set-up in three words I would say: innovative, elegant, efficient”. The set-up also makes use of proven measuring head technology with HD cameras and Real 3D targets, entirely wireless with Bluetooth transmission. The 3D measuring heads are able to detect the different angles of the vehicle in a matter of seconds, reducing working times.