LG Pneumatici: from small distributor to multi-service centre

Business instinct, passion and expertise. This in a nutshell is how Giovanni Luci, owner of the Rome-based LG Pneumatici, has built his multi-service centre dedicated to vehicle servicing and tyre maintenance. "Analysis of sector trends, customer loyalty and tailor-made services have enabled us to quickly go from a small business to a structured centre capable of offering all-round assistance".


Da sinistra Giovanni Luci, titolare di LG Pneumatici e Patrich CostaMr. Luci what prompted you to open a tyre shop?

"My story, unlike that of many tyre dealers, did not start with a family business. My first job in the tyre sector dates back to 2002 when I was a transporter for Goodyear. I was in charge of delivery to different parts of Italy. In 2006 I decided to make a change by accepting a proposal from Marangoni. I continued to travel around Italy, but as a sales agent, moving into direct sales to both tyre dealers and hauliers. These two experiences allowed me to deepen my knowledge of the products but above all to study the tyre dealer sector closely. And in 2009 I decided to quit my job and set up my own business, opening my own distribution business in Rome with a dedicated service on earthmover tyres thanks to Patrich Costa joining the company. From there it was a crescendo and shortly afterwards I opened my first tyre service and maintenance shop for trucks, light transport vehicles and car tyres".  Today, 13 people work in that shop.


Why did you decide to join the SuperService network?

"In 2015 I was planning to open a second shop with an inspection centre, a mechanical repair area and an auto electrician, and that's where SuperService comes in. Thanks to a dedicated consultant who supports us in the growth and strategic choices for our business and continuous training courses, I opened a 1,300 square metre centre in Rome where 9 people now work. The decision to expand the offer by becoming a multi-service workshop has allowed us to develop our turnover by expanding our customer base through a wider offer. This increase has allowed me to invest in equipment and personnel, thus refining our skills. You have to understand that diversifying your business, especially in our sector, is a crucial step if you want to be competitive and stay in business. To do this, however, you need a clear vision, managerial skills in managing the workshop, expertise on the part of all operators, and marketing strategies to get the word out and build customer loyalty. All this is acquired through experience and specific training courses”.


What does staff training consist of and how do you select your employees?

"The training we offer, supported by SuperService, consists of courses or meetings with experts on management processes, marketing activities and technical training. It is all geared to allows us to update and supplement our knowledge and at the same time enables us to understand how our profession is changing. A profession that is in danger of disappearing due to the lack of operators. I consider precious the people I work with, especially as it is becoming increasingly difficult to find people, especially young people, willing to get their hands dirty in a workshop. My impression is that there is a lack of passion for this sector. Being able to find a solution to this problem is perhaps the most difficult challenge facing the car repair world.


What are your plans for the future?

"Our intention is to increase our business volume. And to do this we are looking at entering the Hybrid and electric arena, where car owners are forced to turn exclusively to the manufacturers' service network for maintenance”.