Assistance and diagnostics 360°

In 1992, in-car electronic networks were not as widespread as they are today, however fuel injection systems, electronic dashboards and early safety systems were already creating a few technical issues for independent repairers. Texa was born precisely to give them access to equipment designed to test and repair these components. The Block Exemption Rule and the pressing demand for independent services from fleet managers were a long way off, but the intuition of the company's founders was correct. Today the company boasts more than 850 employees, including 200 engineers dedicated to research and development, and has subsidiaries in nine countries; Texa equipment is used for diagnosis (including remote), A/C analysis and recharging, exhaust gas analysis, and the range covers any ICE vehicle and, recently, EVs as well.


Adas, on-site diagnostics

Called CCS 2 Dynamics, the ADAS camera calibration equipment for cars, light commercial and industrial vehicles, can be easily disassembled and transported. It is based on Bluetooth distance measurers, capable of communicating directly with the IDC5 software, guarantee a correct positioning through a guided procedure. The CCS 2 Dynamics is available in Car configuration for light vehicles and in Truck configuration for heavy vehicles. The Car configuration can be used with two alignment modes: optical via castor wheels or the thrust axle and a set-up control kit; one can easily switch between the two configurations. Bluetooth distance measurers also characterize the top-of-the-line Rccs 3 BT solution, available with monitors or panels. Thanks to their contribution, positioning the calibration equipment is now faster and more accurate.


Remote Diagnostics,

Tele-diagnostics has long been the new frontier in auto repair, both for manufacturers and their service networks as well as multi-brand operators. Texa tools not only move in this direction but go as far as integrating automatic and semiautomatic steps for direct acquisition from the tool of subscriptions or pay-per-use services and VoIP calls to get in touch with technical support, which can then provide remote assistance. The resulting complex system breaks down the barriers between OEM and multi-brand diagnostics services, also offering, through various on-demand services, the best of both, particularly interesting when the operator is called upon to work on models or systems that are not part of his daily work routine, or even in the presence of ECU blockages and gateways imposed by the manufacturers; to overcome this problem the IDS 5 software integrates authenticated diagnosis, developed in collaboration with the manufacturers themselves. At the time of going to press, these functions are available for all models in the Fca and Renault groups, but the offering will be expanded later this year. In the pipeline we also find the Pass-Thru assistance, which supports car repairers in the use of original diagnostic systems of the various vehicle manufacturers, from registering the operator within the system to the physical work being performed. Furthermore, Info-connect service is available to repairers to address both unfamiliar procedures as well as those still missing from software updates.


A headlight alignment system for all

The new eLight Zero is the company’s entry level headlight alignment system suitable for working on halogen bulbs, xenon projectors, LED units and laser. Designed for MOT centres in addition to body shops and repair shops, it will soon be interfaced with the Mctc-Net 2 protocol through a Lan connection. It adapts to any headlight shape and size and is mounted on a mobile aluminium frame. Powered by a lithium battery, eLight Zero features a 5.7" colour TFT display.


Coolants, gauges, and exhaust gasses

Two new products deal with A/C recharging systems. The first is the Konfort 770S Touch recharge station, which meets the specifications imposed by German manufacturers regarding R1234yf refrigerant gas. The refrigerant tank is mounted on robust electronic scales with a locking system that prevents changes in calibration when moving; it is also equipped with an automatic leakage control system and pressure gauges certified in class 1 according to EN837 protocol. Gas recovery efficiency is more than 95%. From October, the TXR-ID portable refrigerant identifier will be available, which allows to identify the type of gas between R134a and R1234yf on the vehicle or in the cylinder and verify the purity of the gas. Using this device, which prevents costly errors and damage, is guided by procedures shown on the 5.4-inch touch screen display. The Laser Esaminer 2 checks the residual thickness of brake discs and, with an adapter the tread left on a tire, with measurements accurate to a tenth of a millimetre. Results are saved in the Yap (Your Automotive Partner) cloud; thanks to an app available for Android and iOS, it is also possible to read and save measurements with a smartphone. A new exhaust gas analysis chamber, totally made by Texa, is the basis of the Gasbox 2 analyzer for spark-ignition engines; it can be mounted on trolleys and combined with the removable Power Pack module, which allows a charged battery to be ready for use at all times. For compression-ignition engines, on the other hand, Texa offers the NP 01 capable of detecting particles from 23 and 200 nm in diameter. Also dedicated to MOT centres, it is designed to work with spark ignition engines as well. For now, it is available in versions that meet Dutch and German standards.


Batteries, fighting the heat

Electrification didn’t catch Texa unprepared. The goal is to manage the entire vehicle repair phase, as is already the case with ICE vehicles. Special attention is paid to the vehicle's battery cooling system, which along with the air conditioning system must be properly drained and refilled when the batteries themselves undergo service, and the final diagnosis which certifies the correct repair. In this field, Texa's first universal device is currently a concept: the Et Check, which is used to test the correct sealing of the battery cooling system but comes in handy also for ICE engines and A/C systems. On the other hand, E Fluid, again an A/C sealing system, built by Texa for Volkswagen’s official network, is ready to hit the market.