Michelin launches the new X Multi 315/80 R 22.5

Michelin unveiled its new X Multi 315/80 R 22.5 designed for regional multi-purpose transport. The latest addition to the French tire manufacturer's portfolio is the combination of several technologies that have enabled designers to improve the overall performance and mileage compared to its predecessor. The Michelin X Multi 315/80 R 22.5 represents the most popular tire size on the market, accounting for 24% of total sales in Italy. Its versatility, as Michelin points out, is suitable for the needs of more than 50 thousand fleets operating in a variety of fields, routes and types of transport, such as refrigerated trailers, tanks, timber and other types of transport. The X Multi family is characterized by exceptional performance in terms of mileage, in fact, the Michelin X Multi Z, designed for steering axles as well as all positions on a vehicle, boasts 15% more mileage compared to its predecessor. On the other hand, the Michelin X Multi D, intended for drive axles, scores a 10% improvement over its predecessor. Such impressive figures are the result of a long research and design work that led Michelin to adopt 5 different technologies: Infinicoil (consists of a continuous steel wire that wraps around the structure of the tire to provide stability, strength and resistance throughout its life, and can be as long as 400mt); Regenion (a self-regenerating tread pattern which includes hidden grooves that appear as the tread wears down); Powercoil (a new generation of steel cables that are stronger and lighter so as to allow a lower rolling resistance); Forcion (uses innovative reinforcements to create a new, more cohesive material that provides greater resistance against abrasion, cuts, tears and peeling, also improving the tire's mileage performance); Duracoil (includes high quality nylon in the lower part of the tire to give it greater strength and retreadability). All X Multi tires display 3PMSF marking, which means they offer a high level of grip in all weather conditions. The Michelin X Multi range can also be regrooved and retreaded, like all Michelin truck tires. By increasing the life of the tire, vital to a circular economy approach, Michelin allows operators to reduce running costs as well as their environmental footprint benefiting, at the same time, from the full potential of the tire. Michelin X Multi 315/80 R 22.5 tires will be on the market from October and will replace the current Michelin X MultiWayTM 3D.