Cyber-tire, a data management alliance is born 

Five tire manufacturers establish and share the standard for Rfid chip tire casing identification: a "number" makes the entire life of the tire traceable and interacts with in-vehicle systems and auto equipment

Nokian Outpost AT the new off-road range

The new tire is aimed at crossovers, SUVs and light trucks and is available in 45 versions with sizes ranging from 15 to 22 inches and LT-metric versions

Every wheel has its tire

The two wheels tire market is gearing up to meet the needs and desires of a wide, diverse and demanding user base

The off-road world welcomes Dynapro MT2

The South Korean manufacturer designed a new tire suitable for demanding conditions. The product is available for the European market in more than 19 sizes

Gruelling brake tests for efficiency

Brakes are a crucial component in any vehicle: their efficiency can literally be a "matter of life and death"

Power and control on large SUVs

Large and powerful SUVs need to rely on high-performance treads and reinforced structures, with superior load index and the highest possible reliability at high speeds