Firehawk Sport the new Firestone summer tire

In view of the coming summer season, Firestone will add a new high performance summer tyre to its range, the Firehawk Sport. This new tyre was designed taking into account the expectations and needs of even the most impassioned drivers. The new tyre, developed and produced in Europe, guarantees precise handling and grip on a variety of roads as well as being able to cope with several conditions, in order to meet the diverse needs of sporty driving enthusiasts. The Firestone Firehawk Sport allows quick reaction when steering enhancing driving precision. Such remarkable result was made possible by the tyre's sporty profile, asymmetrical tread blocks and the optimized footprint, which guarantees safety. The new tyre also offers control and grip in wet conditions, enough to receive the EU 'A' class label. What makes this performance possible is the optimisation of the full/void ratio of the tread pattern, the variable bead profile and the innovative mixing technology used in creating the Nano Pro-tech compound. Compared to its predecessor, the Firehawk SZ90μ, the Firestone Firehawk Sport offers improved braking performance (9% shorter) courtesy also of newly designed sipes and deeper grooves. The new Firestone Firehawk Sport is available in 36 sizes ranging from 18" to 20" and will cover a wide range of cars and SUVs. In fact, it is designed not only for sports car owners but for all kinds of driving enthusiasts. "The Firestone Firehawk Sport is a tyre that fully represents the Firestone brand," said Steven De Bock, vice president consumer replacement and Oe of Bridgestone Emia. "The Firehawk Sport embodies the reliability and quality for which the brand has been recognised for over 100 years. But it is also a tyre that reignites our customers' passion for driving. This tyre performs at its best to give drivers maximum enjoyment without forsaking superior control and safety at all times".