Mondolfo Ferro launches the new Trigon Top Vision on the market

Road safety also depends on proper vehicle maintenance, and among the various components to be checked, tyres play an important role. In addition to checking wear and inflation, when you get behind the wheel, it is vital to know that your car also has a balanced set-up. Many motorists might ignore this fact, but a tyre specialist knows how to assess and correct this crucial element. In order to meet the needs of tyre professionals, Mondolfo Ferro, a Nexion Group company, has recently launched a new passive target wheel alignment on the market: the Trigon Top Vision.
This 3D wheel aligner is equipped with four high-resolution digital cameras - the optics have been optimised for low distortion with anti-reflection nano-coating and integrated filter to eliminate sunlight reflections - and new ClampOnTyre quick-release brackets which, the company points out, do not touch the rim. In addition, the new set-up is also equipped with a column-integrated lift in the column with an automatic target tracking function. Furthermore, a premium PC running the latest Windows 10 IoT operating system and a new Trigon Top graphical alignment software with advanced features, such as a lower progress bar, a pop-up vertical selection menu and greater visibility of data in the operating area, are part of the rich standard of equipment. Not only that: the software also provides access to an international database of more than 84,000 cars and light vehicles, broken down by markets. "The Trigon Top Vision was developed to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of car manufacturer approvals," explains Gabriele Finelli, alignment vehicle solutions product manager at Nexion. "This aligner required careful work on the part of our engineers, to incorporate the most modern technologies currently available.
" In fact, three elements must be taken into account when a tyre specialist works on a vehicle's set-up: toe-in, camber and caster. Working on these values with great precision ensures a vehicle's stability and handling, as well as better efficiency in terms of tyre wear and fuel consumption. In modern cars, however, when working on the set-up, other elements must be considered: ADAS. When calibrating the geometric angles of the wheels, a tyre specialist must also check that the ADAS sensors have are not misaligned. In an attempt to avoid problems of this kind Mondolfo Ferro has designed the Trigon Top Vision to be compatible with the new universal Proadas system used for calibrating driver assistance systems. In fact, it is possible to align the on-board camera and radar calibration system. Vehicle manufacturers recommend that the calibration of Adas systems be performed after vehicle alignment.