SportContact, sporty driving by Continental

The Hanover-based company's newest product features three new technical specs: adaptive tread design, a size-specific configuration and BlackChili compound

A tire for everyone

As winter approaches and temperatures plummet below 7°C, there is a pressing need to equip trucks with tires designed to drive on snow and ice. Several “regular" tires show themselves to be rather suitable in this regard as well. Here is an overview of the products offered by some of the world’s top manufacturers in three specific areas: long-haul, regional and winter tires

Michelin revamps its CrossClimate

New compound and new tread design for the second generation of the French group's four-season tire 

Giti Tire bets on the European market

Among the new products unveiled in September, we find the GitiWinterW2, the Giti GAO897 off-road tire and 13 new sizes for the GT Radial 4Seasons

Remote pressure control, fleet managers exult!

Lots of vehicles, lots of tires: this is how commercial fleets could be described. It is a fact that the silver medal on a hypothetical podium of the major fleet expenses goes to fuel costs (the gold medal goes to salaries), which are notoriously linked to tire pressure

The perfect wheel

Wheel manufacturers invest in innovative materials, technologies and design to create approved, lightweight, efficient and safe product

The correct alignment

Often mistakenly confused with toe-in (which is only a part of it), correct wheel alignment is crucial as vehicle stability and even proper tire wear depend on it