The Scandinavian manufacturer expands its commercial vehicle range

Vans can rely on two new products from Nokian Tires. The Scandinavian manufacturer has expanded its range for commercial vehicles with a winter and an all-season tire: Nokian Snowproof C and Nokian Seasonproof C. In general, van tires are designed for demanding and versatile use. Their structure must be robust enough to handle heavy loads and changing road conditions. Based on these characteristics, Nokian engineers have tried to develop a product that combines excellent performance and safety.



Nokian Snowproof C

The Nokian Snowproof C is a premium winter tire. The Alpine Grip tread compound is designed for Central European winters and performs in a wide variety of temperature and conditions. The robust and optimized structure of Nokian Tyres' Snowproof C, with patented Aramid Sidewall technology, enhances the tire’s durability and strength. The winter-optimized tread pattern features a tailor-made siping layout that provide grip in different winter conditions and makes handling, according to company sources, balanced and easy to control even with heavy loads. Mud and water channels in the middle of the tread are designed to maximize resistance to slushplaning and aquaplaning. These channels trap water and mud and disperses them away from the tire. Grip on snowy roads is guaranteed by Snow Claws positioned between the tread blocks. The range includes sizes for both professional and non-professional use, with a selection of 27 products from 14 to 17 inches, with speed codes R (170 km / h), T (190 km / h) and H (210 km / h). The product range will be available in the second half of 2021.


Nokian Seasonproof

The versatile Nokian Seasonproof C has been developed for those professional vehicles that need to make deliveries on narrow city streets and for motorhome owners. Seasonproof C tires use materials specifically designed for heavy-duty transportation. The tread patterns and rubber compounds are made to handle professional use. The Nokian Seasonproof C features the 3PMSF pictogram, which means it is approved for winter use. Most of the range falls in class A for wet grip offering tires for both professional and recreational use, with a selection of 25 products from 14 to 17 inches, with speed codes R (170 km/h), S (180 km/h), T (190 km/h) and H (210 km/h). The range will be available to consumers in the fall of 2021. Nokian engineers came up with a Season Sense concept, which combines tread design, structure and rubber compound. The V-shaped tread with a stiff central area ensures proper handling year-round. The new compound has improved grip on wet roads and mileage, while the structure, made with Nokians' patented Aramid Sidewall technology, enhances durability and wear resistance.