On the road all year round

The light transport tire segment recently welcomed two new products: Bridgestone and Firestone (a US tire brand acquired in 1988 by the Japanese manufacturer), have in fact, launched their first all-season light transport tires. Bridgestone Duravis is an All-Season model expected to be available on the market as of August, while the Firestone Vanhawk Multiseason will be available from October. "Nowadays, an increasing number of fleets are choosing all-season tires for the sake of convenience. We are very excited to supply our customers with an all-season model able to guarantee peace of mind in all weather conditions, reducing downtime and the total cost of ownership," was the comment by Emilio Tiberi, chief technical officer at Bridgestone EMIA on the new Bridgestone Duravis All Season. The new range of all-season light transport tires highlights the Japanese company’s intention to meet the needs of fleet operators and promote efficiency. In an effort to cover the entire fleet market, including the smallest fleets, Bridgeston offers its customers another tire "with an excellent quality/price ratio and reliable performance", to quote Tiberi, like the Firestone Vanhawk Multiseason.


Bridgestone Duravis All-Season


Bridgestone Duravis All Season

As the company points out, the new Bridgestone Duravis All Season is a robust tire, wear-resistant with increased stiffness and a well-protected sidewall against impacts, which guarantees to reduce frequent damage and annoying repair costs.

As far as wet grip is concerned, the wide shoulder grooves allow for better water displacement and optimized contact pressure, which means that the new Duravis All Season finds itself at home even in adverse weather conditions: this is why the entire range has received EU Class A wet grip labelling. The tire’s performance on snow-covered roads has likewise improved: the tire is 3 Peaks Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) E Mud + Snow (M+S) certified, thanks in part to the tread’s “V” pattern, designed to improve mobility on snow, and an optimized casing construction. Duravis All Season's performance on wet or snow also depends on the use of a new nano-selective technology, combined with Bridgestone's Nano Pro-Tech compound, which facilitates an interaction between polymers, reinforcing material and other rubber chemicals at a molecular level, thus improving silica dispersion inside the tire.

The new Bridgestone Duravis All Season will be available from August 2020, with additional sizes expected in September 2020, 23 sizes, including three 17" sizes and five others designed for a higher load index (10PR) to suit most vehicles and loads.


Firestone Vanhawk Multiseason


Firestone Vanhawk Multiseason

Firestone, an American brand now part of the Bridgestone group since 1988, is also preparing to launch its first four-season light transport tire on the European market this autumn, expanding the Vanhawk range with its new Multiseason model, developed entirely in Europe. Specifically designed for small and medium transport fleets, the Firestone Vanhawk Multiseason is a robust and sufficiently stiff model designed to offer good performance on dry roads, as well as increased mileage, which has earned the tire the EU Class C label for most fuel-efficiency parameters. The Vanhawk Multiseason's design, with its edges, sipes and improved tread pattern has been developed through simulations and field tests, making it suitable for use on snow-clad roads. The tire has 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake) and Mud + Snow (M+S) certification.

As far as wet grip is concerned, the Firestone Vanhawk Multiseason boasts an EU Class B labelling, thanks to its symmetrical tread pattern, which uses longitudinal grooves to maximize water flow; the tire stems from a nano-selective mixing technology that improves wet and snow performance; again, the use of Bridgestone Nano Pro-Tech technology allows better dispersion of silica inside the tire.

Emilio Tiberi, chief technical officer of Bridgestone EMIA points out: "In addition to optimising fuel consumption, the tire is an excellent choice for both small and medium transport fleets looking for long-lasting tires that can adapt to all weather conditions, all year round. Firestone Vanhawk is the ideal product to help our customers optimize operating costs and maximize business efficiency.

Firestone Vanhawk Multiseason will be available, as mentioned, from October 2020, with 19 sizes between 15" and 16", three of them for higher load index (10PR). Firestone's new All-season range covers 84% of the market.