Goodyear Introduces Kmax T Gen-2

Approximately one year after the presentation of a second-generation steering and drive axle tire in the Kmax range (Kmax S Gen-2 and Kmax D Gen-2 respectively), Goodyear completes the Kmax Gen 2 range with the new Kmax T Gen-2 trailer tire. As Commercial Tire Marketing Director Europe Maciej Szymanski explains, "the Kmax T Gen-2 range offers important advantages to long-distance and regional transport fleets, particularly those operating under variable load conditions or travelling in regions with unstable weather patterns. This tire offers increased mileage, connectivity and optimized performance levels throughout its operating cycle”.


Kmax T Gen-2


In order to safely tackle roads all over Europe even in harsh winter conditions, the new tire features 3PMSF marking on all available sizes (one 19.5", four 22.5" with size 385/65R22.5 for the High Load version): the different sizes available make Kmax T Gen-2 one of the most complete ranges of snow flake marked trailer tires on the market.

As stated by Szymanski, the mileage performance of this new model has definitely been improved compared to its predecessor. In addition, thanks to a new tread design, the Kmax T Gen-2 is more resistant to damage and wear thanks to 5, 6 or 7 ribs depending on the size. The deep sipes, visible even with 75% of the tread worn out, supply high wet grip and improved performance in all weather conditions. The durability of Kmax T Gen-2 benefits also from Goodyear’s Intellimax Groove technology: the drop-shaped sipes are designed to prevent damaging the grooves in high-friction trailers and other more demanding applications.


Kmax T Gen-2


The new compound further contributes to maximise mileage and guarantee greater fuel efficiency compared to its predecessor: the composition helps the vehicle when starting to move in cold weather and offers high resistance to abrasion. In addition, the arrangement of the polymers guarantee lower rolling resistance with a consequent reduction in fuel consumption and emissions, as well as good resistance to tread wear and side damage.

However, longer mileage and reduces fuel consumption are by no means the only reasons why, according to Goodyear, the Kmax Gen-2 range will ensure lower running costs: all new tires in the range can be re-grooved thanks to the TreadMax Moldcure retreading process, which uses the same tread pattern and material as new tires. An important advantage that allows, as mentioned above, to maximize the economic advantage resulting from the purchase of the tires, making, at the same time, a choice in favour of the environment.

Goodyear's new Kmax T Gen-2 range also integrates solutions for smarter fleet tire management: the entire range is part of the Goodyear Total Mobility programme, which aims to develop tailor-made solutions by combining a full range of premium truck tires, several predictive monitoring options and over 2000 service centres located throughout Europe. In addition, Goodyear's new tires are equipped with an integrated Rfid radio frequency identification system. This system facilitates tracking the tires thanks to the information contained in the tag, which offers benefits in terms of operational logistics and performance management, as well as being a deterrent against theft. In addition, the RFID system connects the tires to the several management systems offered by Goodyear, including eJob, the app that improves the speed and quality of service offered to customer fleets across Europe, with information available in real time via a tablet. These, can be sent directly to Goodyear Fleet Online Solutions' management system, and the service data is then sent to the repairer, thus allowing a fleet manager in the UK to instantly check whether the tire on his vehicle has been replaced or repaired, for example, in Italy.

A further management system available to Kmax T Gen-2 tires owners, available via Rfid technology is the Fleet Online Solutions, able to record all tire information including key performance indicators and produce a management report as required.