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Remote pressure control, fleet managers exult!

Lots of vehicles, lots of tires: this is how commercial fleets could be described. It is a fact that the silver medal on a hypothetical podium of the major fleet expenses goes to fuel costs (the gold medal goes to salaries), which are notoriously linked to tire pressure

Digitization and internet of things the new challenges for tire shops

We are well aware that during the various lockdowns caused by the pandemic, online shopping soared to new records. The tragic Covid-19-driven contingency, however, has only emphasized a trend that was already evident, and that is to consider the Internet as an important purchasing channel

Password: go digital!

From games to motorsport, from eSports to new product development, simulation systems are now making their way in the world of tires with Goodyear and Pirelli leading the way

Hi-tech innovation - how cars and maintenance are changing

The level of assistance continues to grow thanks to Adas (Advance Driver Assistance System). Let's find out which are the most popular throughout the market, the technologies used, what kind of assistance and maintenance they require, what are companies offering and the turnover generated.

Automotive and IT come together in Las Vegas

Kenichiro Yoshida, president and CEO of Sony, following the presentation of the first prototype car designed by the Japanese hi-tech company at the Ces in Las Vegas