The future is a complex object

Whoever is involved in the mobility sector will undoubtedly identify this decade as a period marked by the “ecological transition challenge” and the discussions arising from this issue. In fact, if preventing a further worsening of the environmental and climatic situation poses major challenges to the entire global economy, it must also be remembered that it is precisely the automotive industry that must strive to embrace best practices for full environmental sustainability, perhaps even on the wave of ill-informed public opinion. Public debate on sustainable mobility as a whole ends up focusing on some specific aspects and solutions and presents futuristic scenarios in fairly abstract terms. This leads to two interesting consequences: first of all, media attention is particularly drawn to some of the possible technologies that can be used, whereas many more solutions are currently being developed. Secondly, those that are now considered to be hypothetical technologies are actually closer to reality than one might think. With this very scenario in mind, and to do justice to the complex and various possibilities lying ahead, AICA and Promotec have organized Futurmotive, a new event that will be held in Bologna November 16 – 18, as fully illustrated in these pages. In a crucial phase for our sector, we decided to come up with a moment of encounter with the entire automotive industry, to see firsthand the latest technology solutions hitting the market, and to discuss development models to be pursued. We firmly believe that only the principle of technological neutrality can help companies to fully express their innovative potential: this is a key element in successfully facing the challenge posed by energy transition and new business models. This daunting project has been joined by over 300 exhibitors and is supported by Italian and International leading trade associations and institutions, whereas the conference program boasts a high-level panel of international speakers. We are confident that Futurmotive will be a stimulating and enriching experience for exhibitors and visitors, and we are equally certain that our companies will be able to surprise us once again with their most innovative solutions for energy transition, just as they have introduced so many important innovations over the last few years.