P Zero enriched with three new tires

Technology, sustainability, and performance. Pirelli engineers worked on these elements for the design of the three new P Zero tyres. Introduced during the Goodwood Festival of Speed, of which Pirelli is Exclusive Tyre Partner, the P Zero E, P Zero R and P Zero Trofeo RS have been developed following the “Eco-Safety Design” approach, a method that uses innovative materials and tools, including a virtual rendering of the know-how inherited from motorsport, to overcome the trade-offs resulting from contrasting demands in tyre design. With these latest products, the Pirelli P Zero family is renewing its traditional role as OEM supplier on some of the most prestigious cars on the market, confirming its high-performance status and customisation in line with the demands of car manufacturers and end users.
P Zero E
The P Zero E is a UHP tyre made of more than 55% bio-based and recycled materials and boasts a triple class A on the European labelling system throughout the range. The special development for BEV cars, evidenced by the Elect marking on the side of all P Zero E in the range, means top-class low rolling resistance and reduced noise. In addition, this tyre introduced Pirelli’s RunForward, a technology that allows you to continue driving in the event of a puncture and reach the nearest tyre specialist. This system consists of reinforced sidewalls which provide enough support to allow it to travel up to 40 km at a maximum speed of 80 km/h. Advanced VR technology, based on artificial intelligence and neural networks, and driving simulation were used to design this tire. Pirelli's research and development department made ample use of machine learning systems to predict the performance of the tyres in different driving situations before entering the production line. On the market since September, the P Zero E is available in 17 sizes for the aftermarket.
P Zero R
The P Zero R is a road tyre designed for sports cars, from GTs to supercars and capitalizes on Pirelli’s experience with premium car manufacturers to meet the specs of the most powerful cars but also suitable for everyday use. Sporty performances combined with increased usability, thanks to a wider operating window, reduced rolling noise for comfort on board, reduced rolling resistance and product performance, which translates into efficiency even when used on a day out at the track. All needs expressed by manufacturers in the higher segments of the market, for which Pirelli is already developing specific versions of the new P Zero R. Pirelli engineers, in fact, have maximised the footprint on the ground for the P Zero R. This has given the tyre a balanced and predictable behaviour, both when braking, hence the reduced distances, as well as load transfers regardless of the use, whether on the road or on a circuit. The versatility of the Pirelli P Zero R comes from the choice of materials that make up the tread compound. Resins that activate at specific temperature ranges have been developed: these are materials that react differently to changing conditions offering sporty performance under ideal conditions of use, safety under standard conditions as well as in wet conditions or when temperatures drop. The Resin Blend technology, with triple resin mixture, is an innovation patented by Pirelli: this mix of materials, working synergically, improves grip in different weather conditions, different use, and road surfaces. The P Zero R has been designed to combine efficiency and effectiveness even on tracks through an interaction between the compound and tread design: the central area of the tread has been stiffened with more robust blocks, while the outermost part of the tread features a full void ratio optimized for handling through the tightest corners. The reduced depth of the grooves leads to less energy dispersion and consequently to lower rolling resistance.
P Zero Trofeo RS
The P Zero Trofeo RS is the new version of the semi-slick tyre designed as OEM for car manufacturers who want to enhance the performance of their supercars. As is the case of Pagani Automobili, the first to request a specific version of the new tyre, designed for the Utopia, the new hyper-car of the Modena workshop. The new generation of the Pirelli semi-slick performs better on dry than its predecessor and offers better consistency of performance. The materials developed, in particular the tread compound, take advantage of Pirelli’s experience in motorsport, adapting it to road use and amateur driving on tracks. Being a road-approved tyre developed as OE for supercars and hyper-cars, Pirelli engineers had to focus also on safety in wet conditions. The new P Zero Trofeo RS is available for cars as original equipment, and in the future, it will also be available on the aftermarket.