Falken expands the range 4x4 with the new Wildpeak R/T01

For off-road enthusiasts and those who enjoy the occasional trip off-road, Falken Tire has recently presented Wildpeak R/T01. The new tyre, which expands Falken’s 4x4 range feature the typical specs we have come to appreciate in the A/T (All Terrain) and M/T (Mud Terrain) versions, improving their traction capacity, reliability and durability in all-wheel drive vehicles and extreme applications. “Wildpeak R/T01 is our flagship model for off-road use and was developed to tackle the most extreme conditions – said Andreas Giese, chief corporate officer of Falken Tire Europe GmbH -. With this tyre, vehicles can move safely on any terrain, regardless of the conditions. With Wildpeak R/T01 we complete our already wide range thanks to the A/T3WA and M/T tyres”. In developing the new R/T01, engineers have thought about the most demanding contexts, creating a design and tread structure capable of guaranteeing performance on the most difficult terrains. The Wildpeak R/T01 will be available from the first quarter of 2024 and will initially be offered in nine different sizes (with diameters from 16" to 20" for series 75, 70, 65, 60 and 55) and speeds, up to 180 km/ h (speed code Q). Being a “professional off-road tyre” (Por), the Wildpeak R/T01 model does not have an additional EU tire label. The main recipients of the Wildpeak R/T01 are those active in sectors such as construction, forestry, agriculture and couriers, but also off-road enthusiasts. The new tread is full of details that not only improve efficiency and reliability, but also allow you to tackle difficult routes, while reducing wear at the same time. The hybrid off-road tread profile resembles in part the Wildpeak A/T model, with a large footprint and rigid blocks for maximum reliability in terms of mileage, on-road performance and off-road robustness. Furthermore, the Wildpeak R/T01 model offers performance not only on muddy terrain, thanks to the open shoulder tread design, but also on stones. The self-cleaning properties of the tread ensure the removal of stones and, especially in difficult situations, better grip. The three-layer sidewall provides the necessary strength and cut resistance, as well as providing additional protection and greater traction on slippery grounds.