Smooth running

A new engine oil has arrived on the market. Oiltek is the result of a collaboration between Magneti Marelli Parts & Services and Shell; as well as being supplied to the 1800 Checkstar workshops (thus completing the network’s range of consumer products), it is also marketed by the company's network of spare parts dealers. "We chose Shell as a partner," explains Aldo Porro, head of product management at Magneti Marelli Parts & Services, "because of its production capacity and undisputed technological knowhow. Oiltek oils are based on Marelli specifications, so they are not a simple rebranding of an existing product. With the European circulating fleet as the main target, this lubricant range covers vehicles with after-treatment systems such as the ones used on the latest Euro 6 stage D diesels engines as well as older vehicles". Based on oils produced in Europe, Oiltek uses specific additives made with premium products. Suitable for use in off-network servicing as they meet many of the specifications of brands such as BMW, Daimler, Ford, Renault-Nissan, Stellantis and Volkswagen as well as Acea, Api and Sae standards. Applications on hi-tech engines are covered by the Performance range, which boasts Acea specifications A3, B3, A4, A5, B5, C2, C3, C4 and C5; at the same time, lower eco-class vehicles can rely on the Expert range (Acea A1 and B1). Each package shows in a specific box the approvals of international bodies and manufacturers. A QR Code opens safety and technical data sheets; the safety indications are also shown on the flip-out back label.


Ten formulas, four formats

All five products on the catalogue, synthetic-based, except for 10W40 which is semi-synthetic, reduce friction and focus on keeping the engine clean. The offer starts with the 5W30, suitable for about one third of the market, continues with the 5W40 and 10W40 that cover most of the applications of the last two decades (about 50% of the market) and ends with the two low viscosity cold weather Saps, 0W20 and 0W40 suitable for engines with complex after-treatment systems and that besides reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, can prove instrumental in reaching the target of less than 95 grams per kilometre. The formats available are the classic ones for engine lubricants: 1, 4 and 5 litre plastic cans (the 4-litre can, being in greater demand in Italy, although the 5-litre option is becoming increasingly popular) and 209 litre metal drums.


Meant for Europe

For the Oiltek range, explains the manager of the Southern European market, Andrea Anfossi, "We have not only studied an international name that is easy to remember and pronounce in any European language (for the time being the main markets are Italy, Poland and Spain, other countries will follow), but we have also taken care of the image through attractive graphics and prepared posters and waiting areas in workshops (for example, with chairs made from 209-litre drums) to communicate the brand's values to motorists". The reference customers for Magneti Marelli Parts & Services are spare parts dealer followed by logistics companies: the warehouses in Novara, Pero (MI), Padua, Rome and Cagliari are flanked by the one in Lodi, created in collaboration with a company specialized in the distribution of lubricants. Deliveries are managed with two daily passages, with transporters and vehicles dedicated to this task because lubricants are subject to the same rules as hazardous products and goods subject to excise duty; therefore, a specific organization is needed. Southern Italy, on the other hand, is covered by well-established local distributors and spare parts dealers. The logistic system allows in most cases to deliver the oils one day after the order. The normal requirement of the workshops, explains Anfossi, "is to have two drums ready for the most popular codes and a mix of cans for the others". This allows them not to be subject to storage licenses that are needed above 500 kg.


High-end positioning

The black packaging with gold lettering, underline the high-end positioning, as does the choice of not having a "combination" in the brand: Oiltek is a Magneti Marelli product, with its own identity, worthy of the trust that mechanics and motorists place in a historic Italian components brand. Even though the world of lubricants is extremely competitive, Magneti Marelli has not focused on a budget product: its market positioning is equal to that of premium brands. The difference comes from the combination of quality and service: to make sure that the right oil can be found, Magneti Marelli finding introduced Lubefinder, an online tool that allows one to identify the right oil with the license plate of the vehicle. Added to this is a call centre with a section dedicated to oils and other digital tools such as the website and QR Code. This makes it possible to overcome any lack of knowledge about lubricants on the part of spare parts dealers: in fact, not everyone is an expert in this sector. The market launch was followed by the delivery of products with a keen eye on image, with a branded van and staff in Oiltek uniforms. Furthermore, the new product was promoted mainly through Magneti Marelli Parts & Services' social channels. The first deliveries were an opportunity for a brief staff training held by the company's specialist and for the delivery of totems, posters, displays and the containment tanks essential for workshop storage.