Hi-tech development and sustainability in the future of Giti Tire

An innovative compound to reduce friction and curb fuel consumption. Advanced and new components and materials make up the bulk of Giti Tire’s investments on truck tires as well as light transport vehicles and cars. These are the Giti GSR237 Combi Road 355/50R22.5, the Giti GSR236 Combi Road 215/75R17.5, the Giti GDL617 Ecoroad 315/70R22.5, and the new GT Radial WinterPro 2Sport winter tire. The result of an extensive research work, thanks in part to the experience accumulated in the motorsport sector, Giti Tire is focusing on technological advancement and sustainability to increase its presence in Europe. A strategy that for the Iberia, Italy and Malta markets is being carried out by Daniel González Martín, sales and marketing manager of Giti Tire.


What are your plans to increase Giti’s market share in Europe?

Daniel González Martín, sales and marketing manager di Giti Tire"Our strategy for the European market is twofold: on the one hand we are working to make Giti Tire's products known through marketing and communication campaigns, and on the other we are strengthening the relationships we have built with our customers. In Italy, for example, we recently concluded a new agreement with Magri Gomme, with whom we have been working for more than 20 years. The goal is to build and strengthen customer loyalty, and through Magri we trying to be as visible as possible through their network. Quality, of course, is a non-negotiable prerequisite and that is why we are investing time and resources, through the European Research and Development Centre in Hannover." 


What new technologies are you working on?

"We are proceeding in steps. For now, we have focused on compounds so as to make products that can reduce rolling friction and consequently fuel consumption. The result of this research on innovative materials and polymers has led us to produce three new tires that we can call sustainable. The Giti GSR237 Combi Road 355/50R22.5, the Giti GSR236 Combi Road 215/75R17.5 and the Giti GDL617 Ecoroad 315/70R22.5".


Any news on car tires?

"On that front, we recently introduced the new GT Radial WinterPro 2Sport dedicated to the Uhp market. This is a tire that features a directional profile with edges and sipes, designed to improve grip in snow and on wet roads, and wider shoulder blocks for stability. But the main feature of this tire is the compound, which, as with other products of the latest generation, was made using innovative materials. The compound, the renewed profile and a durable casing team up to reduce rolling resistance with significant fuel savings."


How much of Giti Tire's tire development comes from your motorsport experience?

"It is vital for us to have a presence in motorsport because in addition to giving our brand visibility, it allows us to gather a wealth of information on tread and compound behaviour. The data is then analysed by our engineers who work to improve performance and transfer all that knowledge from racing tires to road tires."


GT Radial WinterPro 2Sport

Designed for both high-powered passenger cars and premium SUVs, it boasts the following features: 17-19'' rims, 215-235 sections and 40-65 series. The tire bears the 3PMSF symbol on the sidewall. The GT Radial WinterPro 2Sport will replace some of the sizes normally associated with the GT Radial Champiro Winterpro HP, in addition to the introduction of new larger sizes. 


Giti GSR237 Combi Road 355/50R22.5

Giti GSR237 Combi Road, in size 355/50R22.5, is designed for carrying high loads on low platforms, both on motorways and regional routes. The tire was tested with the cooperation of some fleets and received a B rating in rolling resistance and an A in noise levels. The Giti GSR237 Combi Road is approved for winter conditions as evidenced by the 3PMSF marking.


Giti GSR236 Combi Road 215/75R17.5

The Giti GSR236 Combi Road, in size 215/75R17.5, is Giti’s first steering tire to use Combi Road technology for small and medium-sized commercial vehicles traveling on motorways and regional roads. This model replaces the Giti GAR820, with a new, modern design that features three grooves to improve stiffness and ensure even wear and mileage. Robust sidewalls prevent cuts and damage from curb impacts, and the tire has excellent wet grip properties, confirmed by the EU Class B label. Giti GSR236 is 3PMSF approved.


Giti GDL617 Ecoroad 315/70R22.5

Giti GDL617 Ecoroad is the first tire in a completely new range designed to reduce the environmental impact in the commercial vehicle sector. Introduced in size 315/70R22.5, this model is designed to reduce fuel consumption on motorways and regional routes. Cutting-edge compound technologies and innovative materials have been used to reduce tread hysteresis, a great help in reducing heat generation and energy consumption, which proves a sustainable solution for commercial fleets. The Giti GDL617 will be available in the market starting in late 2022.