From the Via Emilia to the rest of the world, the Reggio Emilia-based company invests in innovation

From the Reggio Emilia area, in the heart of Italy’s Motor Valley, to the rest of the world. Werther International, a company active in the production and marketing of equipment for garages, tire shops and body shops, aims to become a leading brand within the sector. The company, which is part of the Base group, has recently launched a plan to renew its brand: technological innovation, new digital production systems, new marketing strategies including the redefinition of the corporate image have led Werther International to gain additional market share. With its feet firmly planted along the Via Emilia, and in particular in that part of the territory that has always been devoted to the automotive industry, the Reggio Emilia-based company, with its over forty years of history, is now considered an important player in the automotive aftermarket segment, even outside of Italy. In fact, thanks to its foreign subsidiaries, Werther International is able to export its products to about 150 countries worldwide. The core business, in addition to various workshop equipment such as wheel aligners, tire changers, balancers and headlight centring machines, are obviously garage lifts.

Werther International lifts have different characteristics designed to meet the service requirements of vehicles - cars, commercial or industrial vehicles. Among the various product lines, we find a low and super low profile hydraulic scissor lifts and electro-hydraulic scissor lifts. Obviously, these can be single column, 2 column, 4 column or mobile. In the latter case, the lifts are used in the railway sector. Werther Railway lifts are able to work on different types of railway vehicles (locomotives, electric locomotives, bi-directional cars, passenger and freight cars). No shortage of options for workshops and tire shops. Werther lifts range from 3 up to 10 tons. Among the scissor lifts produced by Werther, the most popular both in Italy and abroad, according to the company's sales data, are the Stratos, the WT40 and Saturnus EV50 total alignment lifts and the new WX60.



The Stratos family includes several product, ranging from the SRM to the S39, including the SRE/S, SRMC, SREC and SR40. The characteristics of these lifts, which have a capacity ranging from a minimum of 3.2 tons to a maximum of 4, include the presence of a ramp for easy access, an hydraulic synchronisation of the platforms, an overload safety-valve and an additional safety-valve in case of sudden loss of pressure, automatic lowering control - with a buzzer on the last portion of descent – “dead man” control 24V man and a set of 4 rubber pads.



The WT40/ lift is equipped with hydraulically synchronized platforms and lifting tables. Like all Werther's lifts, it is equipped with a safety-valve to prevent an overload or pressure loss. On this lift, we find also a manual descent pump in case of a power failure. The “Dead man” controls are 24V and the lifts comes with a set of 4 rubber pads (LT and ATLT) as well as front recesses and rear slip plates for AT and ATLT wheel alignment. The WT40/4 has a capacity of four tons.





The WX60, with a platform length of 6 meters and a load capacity of up to six tons, is the latest addition to Werther's range: hydraulically synchronized through platforms and lifting table, the lift comes with is a manual pump in case of power failure. Additionally, the company's engineers have included a hydraulic safety system in case of overload or pressure loss. A set of 4 rubber pads is supplied standard.




Saturnus Ev50

The Saturnus EV50 lift comes with a hydraulic platform synchronism and a safety system composed of 2 volumetric circuits. Always on the safety side and like all other lifts, Werther provides a hydraulic control system in case of overload or pressure loss. Here too a manual pump guarantees the possibility to work with a power failure. Going into more detail, the Saturnus EV50 is also equipped with auxiliary lifting tables with double cylinders’ system and 4 rubber pads (LT and ATLT versions), front recesses and rear slip plates for wheel alignment on AT and ATLT versions and lateral rails for jacking beams.