Cemb presents Argos Drivethru: the new hi-tech reception lane

Cemb speeds up vehicle inspection with a system that analyses wheel alignment even before entering the workshop. Positioned in the acceptance area of the workshop, Argos Drivethru detects in a few seconds all the incoming vehicles that show anomalies and need adjustments. Cameras scan the vehicle and perform  a complete wheel alignment check, including partial Toe and steering wheel angle, offering a fast, complete and highly professional service that allows to increase customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. The fully automatic measurement, without clamps, targets or sensors, eliminate any effort and results in significant time saving. Selling such services is made easier by the ability to present customers with a clear and easy-to-understand diagnostic report of the faults detected. The report obtained from the analysis can be presented to customers in printed form, or, thanks to the optional Click & Share package, can be sent via WhatsApp, text message or e-mail. "The innovative Argos Drivethru that we are launching on the international market is an achievement of our R&D Team, the same one that created the well-known and widely appreciated Argos, capable of reading a vehicle’s alignment and angles in a few seconds without the need to apply detectors or targets on the wheels - says Gino Borella, sales manager of Cemb's Garage division. Argos Drivethru, which uses the same technology, was developed for incoming vehicle acceptance and provides a comprehensive overview of any anomalies that need to be adjusted. It has taken us more than 10 years to development the necessary technology and processing software. This development has also meant designing and manufacturing specific components, which are not yet available on the market, as proof of Cemb's undoubted innovative and technological capacity". Analysing the functions of this workshop equipment in more detail, Argos Drivethru makes it possible to quickly select technical specifications through its Fast Specs Search function, a quick vehicle search system. However, to make it even more user-friendly, Cemb has also added two optional packages: Plus and Premium. The first package includes a 365-day database licence, real time specifications, automatic software updates and automatic number plate recognition for known vehicles. The Premium package, in addition to the Plus specifications, includes an automatic number plate recognition also for vehicles entering the shop for the first time. In addition, Argos Drivethru can be used directly by the customers who can carry out the measurement by themselves following the instructions on the screen. Four graphic layouts with different levels of detail and the possibility of control the system via the "Cemb Argos" App, available for Android and iOS operating systems, makes using the equipment even simpler. "For 2021," continues Borella, "we expect a great response from the market and further consolidation of our balancing, wheel alignment and tire changing product lines, which are subject to constant updates aimed at making the products increasingly reliable and responsive to the technical demands of car dealerships, garages, tire service centres and, of course, we can all expect other innovations".