Suitable tires for battery powered vehicles

EV tires special


Electric mobility needs the right kind of "shoes": the development and spread of hybrid and electric vehicles comes with an increasingly wide range of tires designed to ensure efficiency, safety and durability even with alternative power

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The inner lining that retains air



The wheels on a car - or a motorcycle - can be visually striking, with their elaborately designed alloy wheels and black tires boasting a vast array of dynamically designed tread

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The importance of infrastructures

Driving high-performance cars on bumpy roads full of obstacles. This is how Italy could be summarized. A recognized ability to create high-end products but, at the same time, unable to adapt to change. This "cry of alarm" comes from Mauro Severi, president of Aica (Italian Garage Equipment Manufacturers Association), speaking about the real need for planning in the field of urbanism and infrastructure

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Guide to damage analysis

Professional School Federpneus


Sometimes, serving the customer means, for the tire dealer, also being able to recognize and explain the reasons why a tire has been damaged keeping in mind the boundary between a repairable tire and an end-of-life tire

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