Made to withstand bad weather



Manufacturers have been hard at work on tires designed to cope with harsh winter conditions. All segments of the vehicle market have been affected, from light to heavy-duty commercial vehicles, on/off-road and buses. Innovations also in the field of vehicle maintenance and services

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Stop calling them bicycles



A market, cultural, social and, not least, economic phenomenon. E-bikes, or electrified bicycles, are the link between man-powered and motorised traction. Tires included, obviously

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Regenerative braking: how does it work?

Automotive components


Electric and hybrid vehicles are on the rise for a variety of reasons such as government incentives or the need for manufacturers to reduce emissions, not to mention an increased environmental awareness by most motorists and preferential treatment such as the opportunity to access Low Emission Zones

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Aiming for higher safety levels

The range of garage lifts 


Two-or four-posts, electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical, single or double scissor, independent column lifts: the range of garage lifts on the market seems endless. However, product evolution is moving in the direction of improved ergonomics and increased safety.

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Sermi, is it the end of a long story?



It was back in 2008 when the European Commission decided to regulate access to vehicle security data, in this case anti-theft data, so as to allow independent operators to operate competitively and guarantee the fulfillment of the Euro 5/6 Regulations (715/2007 and 692/2008)

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