Technical Review

Pirelli Cinturato celebrates its 70th birthday

Pirelli Cinturato turns 70. Created when mass mobility was just taking off, it is now ready to expand the range with the imminent debut of the latest Cinturato P7, an HP summer tire that benefits from seven decades of continuous development. Cinturato is also the most versatile tire in the Pirelli Velo range, as it is set to equip Pirelli’s Cycl-e Around e-bikes, a bike-sharing service conceived to promote sustainable mobility. And that’s not all: development of intelligent tires connected to the 5G network continues apace, with the new Cinturato P7 getting ready for the future of mobility and smart cities. The new generation of Cinturato P7 enhances qualities such as safety and efficiency. Thanks to an intense research and development programme, Pirelli’s engineers have come up with a hi-tech product able to overcome many of the compromises traditionally associated with tires and reconcile seemingly conflicting requirements, such as performance in the wet and low rolling resistance. This new premium tire, besides carrying over the dry-weather performance from its predecessor, improves the whole driving experience when it comes to wet handling and resistance to aquaplaning and wet braking, now needing four metres less to stop from 100kph. The innovations introduced by Pirelli’s engineers also improve acoustic comfort (courtesy of reduced noise levels) and ride comfort, with the new tire now able to better absorb road bumps. Furthermore, improved rolling resistance reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The new P7 can benefit from other Pirelli patented technologies as well, such as Run Flat and Seal Inside, which allow motorists to keep driving even after a puncture. There will also be an Elect version, which identifies Pirelli tires specially made for electric cars or plug-in hybrids. The new Cinturato P7 will additionally be part of Pirelli’s ongoing Cyber research programme, the first to connect a tire to the 5G network.

Continental launches new 3PMSF regional tires for wintry conditions

With the new Conti Hybrid HT3 WR (Winter Regional), Continental is launching a new truck trailer regional tire developed to meet the requirements in wintry conditions. The new Conti Hybrid HT3 WR is available in size 385/65 R 22.5 and impresses both in terms of traction and robustness, outstanding fuel efficiency, and high mileage in both regional and long-distance transport. The tire bears the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol. Tires with this certification must pass a standard practical test defined by UN regulation 117 and exhibit suitability for winter use on snowclad roads in a braking and traction comparison test. The company’s strategy focuses on trailer tires designed for regional use. The Conti Hybrid HT3 WR belongs to a series of new trailer tires developed as a special extension to the proven Conti Hybrid HT3 trailer range to meet the requirements of a number of markets within Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The tires, namely the Conti Hybrid HT3 SR (Severe Regional) for countries in Southern and Western Europe and South Africa and the Conti Hybrid HT3 ED (Extra Duty) for Turkey and North Africa will be launched this year. Moreover, the 385/65 R 22.5 HTR2 XL is currently also being relaunched as the 385/65 R 22.5 Conti Hybrid HT3 HL (High Load) and will feature a new pictogram with the letters "HL" (High Load). The "HL" marking replaces the previous designation "XL" and stands for a higher load index (LI) – equal to 164 - meaning 5 tons per tire. In accordance with the EU tire label values, the Conti Hybrid HT3 WR got a "C" in terms of fuel efficiency and has two sound waves indicating the tire noise level. The Conti Hybrid HT3 HL earned a "B" in terms of fuel efficiency and has one sound wave. Both tires are rated "B" for wet grip.

Alliance Tire Group presents the new diagonal Alliance 321 Plus R-4 along with new dimensions for the Alliance 585 range

Alliance Tire Group presents Alliance 321 Plus, a new series of heavy-duty tires for backhoe loaders and compact front-end loaders. Thanks to its remarkable tread depth, robust design, wide lugs and heat resistant compounds (Hrc), the new diagonal R-4 range premium product features increased traction, higher damage and wear resistance as well as improved durability. The use of special compounds allowed Alliance Tire Group developers to focus on tread design. The result was a significantly high tread pattern with an accentuated anti-slip tread pattern. The wide lugs were chosen to improve resistance to cuts, tears and impacts, while the narrow gaps prevent stones from getting stuck in the lugs during use. Alliance 321 Plus was originally developed to work in warm to hot climates typical of regions such as the Middle East, Africa or India using heat resistant compounds. Alliance 321 Plus is available in sizes 12.0/70-16, 12.5/80-18, 15.5/60-18 and 17.5/65-20 as well as 380/80-24 (14.9-24), 440/80-24 (16.9-24), 480/80-24 (18.4-24), 480/80-26 (18.4-26) and 440/80-28 (16.9-28). News also for the Alliance 585 series. The steel belt tire was designed to adapt to hard surfaces as well as gravel and loose terrain, offering maximum versatility in demanding conditions. The special tread design and robust construction make it suitable for use in construction, industry and public services, besides goods handling and agriculture, with a B (50 km/h) speed rating. Alliance 585 is now available in five new sizes.

Nokian launches the new Snowproof P winter tire

Scandinavian tire maker Nokian Tires launches a new winter UHP product designed for the Central European market. The new Nokian Snowproof P stands out as a modern combination of high performance handling and grip. The new Alpine Performance from Nokian Tires guarantees safety in everyday driving thanks to improved traction, reduced braking space and cornering stability. According to a consumer survey carried out by Nokian Tires, almost 60% of Central European motorists believe that specialised winter tires are the most important safety feature in the winter months. Almost 70% of those surveyed recognised grip and handling as two of the most valuable features when it comes to safety in extreme situations, such as snow-covered roads and mud. Among high-performance car owners, particularly appreciated were grip on dry roads, precise handling at high speed and comfort. The launch of a new UHP winter tire seems the natural consequence of the expansion of Nokian Tires into the Central European market. Nokian Snowproof P offers the following speed ratings: H (210 km/h), V (240 km/h) and W (270 km/h) and its wide selection of sizes includes 55 products between 17 and 21 inches.  The new Nokian Snowproof P will be available to customers in the autumn of 2020. Nokian Tires' versatile winter range for cars and SUVs includes Nokian Snowproof, Nokian WR D4 and Nokian WR SUV 4. The extensive range designed for some of the latest vehicles on the market includes around 200 sizes.

Laufenn: new car tires in the pipeline

The new Laufenn-Plus generation offers higher performance and greater stability on both wet and dry roads thanks to its optimised tread compound. This means that the new range of Laufenn summer tires, which will be available on the European market from spring 2020, will meet the requirements of consumers who value both performance and safety. The new HP Laufenn S FIT EQ+ is equipped with an advanced Hydro-Flow tread block pattern which, together with its four straight main grooves and streamlined tread block arrangement, effectively reduces aquaplaning. Furthermore, the use of an improved second-generation silica compound has led to a significant reduction in braking distance, especially on wet roads. Furthermore, the S FIT EQ+ delivers excellent performance and good stability even at higher speeds thanks to reinforced tread bars which ensure greater block stiffness. Designed specifically for the touring segment, the new Laufenn G FIT EQ+, like its predecessor, comes with a four-rib tread pattern that provides smooth ride in a wide range of road conditions. The variable depth tread grooves allow quick water run-off, while the sipes on the inner shoulder improve wet grip. In addition, the Laufenn G FIT EQ+ received a new tread compound for better grip on wet roads. A special base rubber layer below the tread helps reduce rolling resistance and increases fuel efficiency. The optimised contour of the tire prevents irregular wear by distributing the weight evenly across the entire tread width. Tread blocks with different stiffness, depending on the position, minimise vibration and noise levels for an altogether comfortable ride.

Prometeon’s new MC:01 e-Urban: designed with electric mobility in mind

Prometeon Tire Group, with the new generation of MC:01TM e-URBAN, offers the right solution for modern electric buses, since the increased load capacity, up to eight tons per axle, fully satisfies the needs of new generation of electric mobility.  MC:01 e-Urban features up to 10% lower Rolling Resistance which contributes to increase the mileage of city buses and to reduce the battery charging cycles for full electric vehicles, thus contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions. While keeping pace with the evolution of both hybrid and electric vehicles for urban context characterized by frequent stop and starts, Prometeon’s new MC:01TM e-URBAN in addition to reducing operating costs, yields an improved level of comfort, even wear and low noise levels (69dB). This new generation tire is marked M+S and 3PMSF and earned a B label for wet grip, delivering more than adequate performance in winter conditions. The optimized sidewall and structure design allow extra load capacity and enhance tire retreadability. The mould profile and the new tread pattern have been conceived to ensure great traction and resistance to damage throughout its lifespan, taking into account the high torques of electric engines. 

Bkt unveils new farming tires at Fima

BKT and San José Neumáticos unveiled a new range of products during the last edition of Fima held in Spain last February. First of all, the brand new V-FLEXA, a radial flotation tire designed for agricultural trailers. Thanks to VF (Very High Flexion) technology, this product enables the transport of heavy loads at a 30% lower inflation pressure compared to a standard tire of the same size. V-FLEXA comes with steel belts, which guarantee greater resistance to the casing, while the weight is perfectly distributed thanks to the extra-large contact area. Other two products on display were equally designed for agricultural trailers, namely RM 500 (size 500/85 R 24) and Ridemax FL 693 M (size 500/50 R 17). The first is the ideal radial tire for harvesting operations. Its strong casing and the special tread design provide high load capacity as well as high cut and chip resistance. Ridemax FL 693 M, instead, has been created as a good solution for daily travel on the road and for combined use with agricultural trailers, tank trucks and spreaders. However, also the brand’s best-known products, such as the AGRIMAX tire range for farming tractors, could not be missing from the stand. The Agrimax V-Flectodisplayed in two sizes VF 600/60 R 30 and VF 710/60 R 42, and Agrimax Force in size IF 710/70 R 42, a high quality BKT product specifically developed for high-power tractors (over 250 HP). Last but not least, Agrimax Teris, displayed in size IF 710/75 R 34 designed for 4WD-high-power tractors.

Terrain Tamer expands Diff Locker range

Terrain Tamer expanded the range of its innovative Diff Locker kits to cover a wide range of off-road applications. Today the Diff Locker kits are available for several 4WD models of important brands such as: Land Rover, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Holden, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, just to name a few. The Diff Locker Kit proposed by Terrain Tamer combines in a single solution the ELocker with all the components needed for installation, such as bearings and seals, reducing costs and the time needed to procure the components individually. Kits are available for both front and rear axles. The electromechanical lockable diffs offered by Terrain Tamer are patented and manufactured in Australia. Composed of a strong 4 pinion design, they can be activated manually by simply pressing a button that acts on an electromagnet powered by the vehicle’s battery, doing away with air-compressor-based technology, leaving the driver completely free to lock or unlock the diff quickly and easily when necessary. When locked, the ELocker behaves like a traditional locking diff: 100% of the drive torque is distributed symmetrically at both ends of the single axle, maximizing traction and ensuring greater grip when the off-road vehicle faces potentially dangerous situations, such as very rough terrain or steep gradients. Working in such a way that the axles work independently, the ELocker can be installed with a simple adjustment in the mounting process. The units use parts that do not need to be replaced, such as O-Rings, thus requiring less maintenance. The electromagnetic differential locking mechanism eliminates any complications and costs associated with air compressors and their parts. On the contrary, the ELocker is connected to the diff via two cables with dust and water resistant connections.

Osram showcases the new Dynamic Mirror Indicator for Bmw

The LEDriving Dynamic Mirror Indicator family expands with the new fully dynamic LED indicators for BMW. These indicators feature a high contrast at night and day thanks to intense orange LED light and deliver up to 200% more brightness, which means improved visibility and greater safety on the road. Installation is simple and there is no need to update the registration certificate. The indicators integrate perfectly with the design of several BMW models.

Yokohama launched its Suv Geolandar-CV G058

At the end of March, Yokohama presented a new model in the Geolandar family, tires designed for SUVs and 4x4s. The new Geolandar-CV G058 carries M+S marking and features both road and off-road driving characteristics. The tread pattern is symmetrical, with strong shoulders and tread blocks arranged regularly following the so-called "5-step variation". Equipped with 4 wide central longitudinal grooves enriched by numerous two-dimensional and three-dimensional sipes the Geolandar maximizes wet grip. Like all the latest models developed by Yokohama, the Geolandar-CV G058 has a compound in which polymers and silica are perfectly dispersed thanks to the latest construction technologies implemented by the parent company's technical department which increases grip and delivers a comfy ride, a bonus for such bulky cars. Compared to its predecessor, the G055, the new Yokohama Geolandar-CV G058 improves in a variety of features such as regular wear, traction, wet grip and rolling noise. The Yokohama Geolandar-CV G058 is available in sizes ranging from 15" to 20", able to meet the demands of a wide market.

Land Dragon CL-18, CST Tires all-terrain tires

CST Tire's Land Dragon CL-18 is an all-terrain tire specifically designed for the 4x4 market, built to tackle even the most difficult routes and adapts to different types of terrain as it is equipped, among other things, with a series of square-shaped blocks on the shoulder, which improve traction on different types of surfaces. The wide grooves facilitate the dispersion of mud and debris from the tread while the reinforced sidewalls go a long way in preventing impact damages and cuts.