A growing market

All-seasons tires


Higher all-seasons tire sales are dictated by choices made by motorists who are increasingly opting for a compromise that reconciles practical needs, unpredictable weather patterns and economic advantages.

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Designed for extreme driving

Professional Off-Road


Noise levels, braking efficiency on asphalt and fuel consumption have been sacrificed on the altar of maximum grip. Unlabelled tires, zero compromise, pure off-road.

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Bridgestone new sizes for Vx-Tractor

Agricultural Machinery


The Japanese manufacturer's tractor radial, showcased in its latest version at Agritechnica, stands out for its innovative tread pattern, which guarantees more traction on and longer lifespan.

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Need wheels?



Light, larger, with smaller sections but still approved. The Italian wheel sector focuses on production quality to accompany the evolution of our vehicles with safe, efficient and, of course, stylish products

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Coping with the emergency

In the grip of the lockdown


The Covid-19 pandemic triggers an unprecedented economic crisis, affecting all sectors, including vehicle repair. In a rapidly evolving scenario, we take stock of the Italian government's measures to support businesses


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Car repair - fewer injuries in the workshop

Workplace safety


Inail (National Insurance Institute against Accidents on the Workplace) recorded a 9.03% reduction in claims. Greater attention from operators and the closure of certain activities are the factors that have influenced this result

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Europe, if you are there show it!

Trade Shows 

An uncoordinated rescheduling of the international events planned in 2020 at European level, may damage a proven system that has enabled Europe to earn and maintain a global leadership

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