Connected to the future



Goodyear's services and products look to a future in which vehicles will communicate with each other and with the surrounding infrastructure. Likewise, significant changes will affect tires, with new tread patterns and casings, driven by new power units

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Hi-tech innovation - how cars and maintenance are changing



The level of assistance continues to grow thanks to Adas (Advance Driver Assistance System). Let's find out which are the most popular throughout the market, the technologies used, what kind of assistance and maintenance they require, what are companies offering and the turnover generated

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The dark side of the tire business

ELT Recycling 


Irregular sales, illegal disposal and tax evasion are the three factors that, according to the Observatory on illegal trading and ELTs, are poisoning the environment, the economy and the work of honest operators in the sector

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Tools for tomorrow’s mobility

Renewal of AICA board


The general meeting of AICA members confirmed Mauro Severi as president: "we still have a lot of work ahead of us to defend the competitiveness of Italian garage equipment manufacturers"

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Circular Economy: it’s about time



Following the introduction of a 20% quota of retreads in public service vehicle fleets, the 2002 Budget Law promoted the idea of circular economy long before it became the talk of the town. Now that European directives are pressing, the time has come, according to retreaders, to reintroduce the idea

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Taking on the big boys



With the F-Max, Ford is set to make waves in the European heavy duty market, once the playground of seven European brands. The focus is on comfort and equipment, and for the moment is offered in a single version with one engine. Alongside the F-Max, Ford offers its Legacy road and building site vehicles range

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