Technical Review


Newly designed vehicles rely on computers well concealed beneath the dashboards. A collection of advanced precision tools designed to prepare specialists to cope with the growing requirements surrounding Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, developed to guarantee greater driving comfort and protection for on-board passengers as well as pedestrians. Increasingly popular and sophisticated, ADAS represent a challenge for body shops and garages alike, a challenge, though, that could result in greater business opportunities. Even the simplest repair or maintenance work, in fact, can affect one or more of these devices. A precise and efficient ADAS recalibration system can therefore open up new business perspectives. The EZ ADAS recalibration system is an advanced precision instrument kit, easy to use even for those with little confidence in this type of technology. Once the axle geometry has been intuitively determined, the rapid positioning of the laser guided targets guarantees an accurate and error-free result. The entire recalibration procedure takes place in a few simple steps - up to 40% less than most systems on the market - with a significant increase in productivity. The new EZ ADAS system consists of only three elements that are easy to handle, easy to position and easy to store away after use. At home with most existing wheel alignment systems (including all John Bean and Hofmann wheel aligners), the EZ ADAS works in perfect synergy with all SUN diagnostic tools (PDL3200, PDL4100, PDL5600 and PDL8000). Within 5 seconds, the entire SUN diagnostic range is ready for work. Thanks to the automatic identification of the vehicle, a global code scan can be started in just 30 seconds, creating a pre - and post- repair report. The EZ ADAS recalibration system is the result of unparalleled experience in automotive diagnostics and deep confidence in SUN's OEM procedures. To date, and even more in the coming years, EZ ADAS equipment represents a true benchmark for the workshop that aims to keep in step with the times.


The new Geomax Enduro EN91 features a new tread pattern designed to optimise traction in sand and mud. The front tire features an ingenious shoulder pattern for more nimble handling, reducing rider fatigue. Dunlop has developed a new compound with increased shearing resistance even on hard and rocky terrain. However, this durability doesn’t compromise performance. Tilt Crown Block technology was developed for the rear tire to help provide higher grip on hard terrain, such as rocks. The tilted blocks improve terrain bite, aid directional stability and increase traction by forcing rocks and dirt to gather around the centre of the crown blocks. Dunlop’s Casing Tension Control System has been incorporated into the construction design. This gives greater compliance on bumps and improves the feedback to the rider. The new Dunlop Geomax Enduro EN91 is available in sizes 90/90-21 at the front and 120/90-18 or 140/80-18 at the rear.


For all those fussy motorists out there, MAK offers Komet, the new alloy wheel ready to conquer Mercedes drivers, compatible with original hardware and hubcaps. Komet is the perfect wheel for those looking for a decisive yet harmonious design. The new model is characterized by five double "V" spokes which alternate with five thin spokes radiating from the centre to the rim, giving greater dynamism without neglecting the elegance we commonly associate with the famous German car brand. The thin and slightly asymmetrical spokes define the design of this wheel, guaranteeing safety and structural resistance at the same time. Komet is available with a Silver finish, sober yet refined; Gun Metallic Mirror, of great visual impact thanks to a shiny diamond coating on the surface of the spokes and, finally, Gloss Black for an even more aggressive look. The entire range has obtained NAD approval.


Metzeler recently announced an expansion of its tire range scheduled for 2020 with four new tire models: SPORTEC M9 RR, ROADTEC 01 SE, RACETEC TD Slick and ROADTEC Scooter. Sportec M9 RR, as you may guess from the name, has a strong connection to its predecessor and its roots. The name Sportec identifies the range of sports road tires designed for day-to-day use and to guarantee a great riding experience, safety and versatility. RR stands for Road Racing and immediately brings to mind the iconic Isle of Man TT competition. Road racing competitions bring to mind not only performance but also the typical characteristics associated with the use of road bikes, i.e. unpredictable weather and road-surface conditions. The entire SPORTEC M9 RR range includes three sizes at the front and nine at the rear. Following the success of the multi-award-winning Roadtec 01 since 2015 in the sport- touring tire segment, Metzeler has decided to introduce the new Roadtec 01 SE. The Roadtec 01 SE radial range completes Metzeler’s catalogue, consolidating the strengths of the Roadtec 01—its exceptional performance in wet conditions and high mileage—enhancing sports characteristics in terms of the grip and agility needed by super-sport, naked and sport-touring riders. The tread design of the Roadtec 01 SE builds on that of the Roadtec 01, though evolving towards a tire with a slicker shoulder, optimizing riding with a greater footprint on the road. The front models of the Roadtec 01 SE inherits the latest version of the full-silica compound used for the Roadtec 01 and features the same tread pattern in the middle section. The rear models of the Roadtec 01 SE uses a bi-compound and, as for the front, features a sportier evolution of the Roadtec 01 tread pattern, aimed at offering greater grip even at sharp leaning angles together with comfort and riding pleasure capable of satisfying even the most demanding riders, on long routes and winding roads. Racetec TD Slick has been designed for riders that want the advantages of a slick product but without the need for additional racing equipment (stands, tire warmers, generators, etc.) or a highly tuned bike set-up and suspension, as are normally needed with slick racing tires. The new tire will be available in four sizes at 17 inches: 120/70 front and 180/55, 190/55 and 200/55 rear. Roadtec Scooter is the new tire developed by Metzeler for all types of scooters with wheels from 10 to 16 inches. The full range includes 51 sizes, and Roadtec Scooter will gradually replace the current Metzeler catalogue, including FeelFreeE, FeelFree Wintec and ME 7 Teen. The tread pattern of this new tire stems directly from the ROADTEC 01; a specific development has allowed the use of a system partially based on sipes, whose main benefits in terms of warm-up and comfort are added to a good grip on low-friction surfaces guaranteed by the recognizable groove pattern of the ROADTEC 01. All ROADTEC Scooter rear radial tires are dual compound.


Continental has recently announced that its tires will equip the new Volkswagen ID.3 as original equipment. The German car manufacturer will thus rely on Continental's technology for its electric models. Energy saving, comfortable, noiseless and resistant to wear: Continental is ready to enhance the Volkwagen’s ID.3 performance with a product specifically developed to meet the requirements of EVs with a summer tire, EcoContact 6, and a dedicated winter product, the WinterContact TS 850 P in 18 and 19 inch size. In order to improve the overall performance of the VW ID.3, and of electric cars in general, Continental’s newest effort boast a remarkably low rolling resistance, in order to save energy and maximise mileage. Additionally the sidewalls have been designed to reduce the tire's aerodynamic resistance and minimise the noise level, thus ensuring maximum passenger comfort. Obviously, the new Volkswagen ID.3's OEMs could not neglect capitalizing on the company’s ContiSeal technology, developed by the German manufacturer to seal a damaged tread with punctures up to 5 mm in diameter without the immediate need to replace the tire. A solution able to cope with 90% of all tire punctures, thus reducing the risk of pressure loss. Looking at Continental components, Volkswagen's electric ID models can rely on a new electronic module with on-board server functions. This device, called ICAS1, allows the vehicle’s systems to be updated remotely, which represents an added bonus for the driver.


Four new premium tires are expected to be released in 2020. The Battlax Classic Racing CR11 winks at Bridgestone's Battlax Racing R11, which provides the rider with consistent grip. Thanks to V-MS-Belt (VariableMonospiralBelt) technology, the tire offers braking stability and increased feedback when cornering. At the rear, the combination of racing compounds and 3LC (3 Layer Compound) technology increases wet performance and will be available from March 2020 in size 110/80 R18 for the front tire and 150/65 R18 for the rear. On the other hand, the Battlax BT46 will replace the Battlax BT45, renewing its design integrating modern technologies. The new model has an inverted V-shape at the front to counteract the loads and reduce irregular wear, providing the rider with better handling. The rear compound has been enriched with a new silica compound to optimise performance, grip and tread wear. Bridgestone has developed this tire with the intention of covering the widest range of bikes possible, with a special focus on the touring segment. Available in 21 sizes for the front and 27 sizes for the rear, the top ten sizes will be released from January 2020, with the complete range launch to follow. The Battlax Racing Street RS11, two seconds faster than its predecessor (RS10) on a two-minute lap, is the tried and tested Bridgestone V-MS-Belt (Variable Mono-spiral Belt) road tire which maximises tread block stiffness on the rear tire to increase contact on the shoulder and significantly improve grip at maximum lean angles, while the stiffness and stability of the rear tire has improved thanks to Bridgestone’s Cap & Base compound. The thin carbon particles in the rear shoulder compound improve grip, so riders can be confident even when cornering at a brisk pace. Available from march 2020, the 120/70 ZR 17 M / C (58W) is the only size for the front tire; two sizes, on the other hand, for the rear: 190/55 ZR 17 M / C (75 W) and 200/55 ZR 17 (78 W). Presented in 2019, Battlecross E50 clinched first place in various enduro categories. Based on this, Bridgestone decided to offer a new racing tire for extreme enduro riders: the new E50 Extreme defies even the toughest terrain: it features a soft compound developed for superior grip and high traction power. The tread design fully capitalizes on Bridgestone’s Castle Block technology, already present in the E50, and maximises the “sharp edge” effect for extra traction. Available from January 2020 in a single rear size: 140/80 - 18 70M NHS.


Autumn is a transitional season leading straight to winter. Shorter days, cooler temperatures and an unstable weather pattern are enough to prompt many to go from enjoying many summer evenings out until late at night to spending hours at home. However, one of the best remedies for the “winter blues” is organizing weekend trips out of town. Whether in a spa, in a country house or in some ski resort, the important thing - as always - is to be properly equipped. Not just sweaters, boots and wool cap for us but also for our cars. Choosing tires that are perfectly suited to one’s driving style and car is essential. Goodyear introduces the new UltraGrip winter tire range for driving on snow and ice. But if you are not so keen on changing tires twice a year, Goodyear has developed the Vector 4Seasons tires. Suitable all year round for city use or limited mileage.

Giti Tire

Giti Tire expands the range of tires bearing the 3PMSF pictogram, thus bringing the total number of tires on offer to 23 for the 2019/2020 winter season. These new certifications were necessary in compliance with the ever-increasing regulations in a number of European countries that require, for trucks and buses, the use of tires with the symbol 3PMSF. Based on independent tests and with certified and controlled guidelines, the 3PMSF symbol offers greater performance than traditional M+S markings. The German Research & Development Centre in Hanover, is working closely with the Hefei Centre in China to obtain the necessary certification and will continue to develop the range for the next winter season.


Yokohama’s most recent launch on the Italian market is the new off-road 4x4 Geolandar X-MT G005. This model is intended for a niche market where users are looking for a sporty product, capable of dealing with mud, rocks and gravel. The Geolandar X-MT G005 provides off-road traction and features an aggressive tread pattern. It is a sturdy and durable model that promises a longer useful life. Despite its aggressive design, the Geolandar X-MT G005 goes a long way in reducing noise levels. Sizes range between 17” and 20”. In addition to its technical value in terms of resistance, strength and mud and debris expulsion, the tire looks rather “attractive”. The symmetrical tread is sturdy enough to prevent cuts and damage due to impacts.  The effectiveness of the tread design can be appreciated even on wet roads and the small sipes on the tread blocks increase grip even on slippery surfaces. The tread blocks continue on the shoulder and side of the Geolandar X-MT G005, giving it a sporty and attractive appearance for the target audience. The shoulder thus appears, and proves, to be very strong and solid, technically capable of increasing the performance of the tire. This model is also marked as "POR" which identifies products particularly suitable for off-road use (POR stands for Professional Off Road) but perfectly at home, and legal, on normal roads. The law, in fact, allows the use of “POR” marked tires on the road without any particular restrictions. The only operation to do, if the speed code on the tires is lower than what appears on the registration certificate, is to stick a label on the dashboard bearing the maximum speed reachable by these tires. 


Almost three years spent working shoulder to shoulder with Aston Martin engineers to create three different tires to enhance the performance of the new DBX. The new model of the English SUV is in fact equipped with Pirelli tires, thanks to a joint development work aimed at meeting Aston Martin's needs: the P Zero optimised for maximum performance, the Scorpion Zero AS to offer off-road mobility and the ScorpionWinter to ensure safety and performance even in winter. The joint development work, typical of Pirelli's Perfect Fit strategy, began in a lab and continued on a variety of outdoor development facilities. The wet performance of Pirelli tires for the new Aston Martin DBX has been refined on Pirelli’s own test track in Vizzola Ticino. Mobility on snow and ice, on the other hand, was severely tested on Pirelli’s circuit in Fleurheden, Sweden, while high-performance skills were developed on a high speed circuit located in Nardò. However, the final and hardest tests took place at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. For the new Aston Martin DBX, Pirelli chose a compound normally used on GT cars. The compound designed for the DBX, in fact, proved at ease also on a fast race track. The "A8A" marked P Zero (which identifies a specific tire made for the Aston Martin DBX) uses a new hybrid material that helps to reduce weight, rolling resistance and fuel consumption, while the Scorpion Zero AS is designed for those motorists who seek thrills even off the road. The tread pattern has been revisited to maximise off-road driving potential, with stiffer tread blocks towards the outside of the footprint to give more grip in demanding conditions. Pirelli’s ScorpionWinter winter tire for SUVs was developed directly on snow and ice – with temperatures as low as -30° - to ensure adequate performance even in severe driving conditions.