Feeling the pulse of the market

What can be said about the year that just ended? What can we or should we expect from 2020? We spoke about it with a number of managers from some of the major players in the Italian market

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The retreading sector looks ahead

The introduction of anti-dumping duties has finally provided some breathing space for the retreading industry, but much remains to be done to enforce the principles of a circular economy and relaunch the sector: Italian retreaders discussed it during their annual assembly

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Off road tires and 4x4fest

This is the annual appointment among 4x4 enthusiasts, being held in Carrara every October for the past twenty years attracting national and international off-road specialists, including wheels and tires

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Info-connected mobility

Fifth generation (5G) mobile technology could become the driving force behind Veichle-to-Everything (V2X) connectivity. As part of an event organized by 5GAA, some of the leading automotive and ITC companies have shown how, by joining forces, "intelligent" mobility solutions can be developed

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