Technical Review


Premium tire maker Hankook presents the new Winter i*cept LV for vans and transporters. On the latest model of the popular high-performance i*cept series Hankook engineers successfully increased mileage by about 10% compared to conventional models, despite a wider tread design. An optimised groove structure on the shoulder block prevents irregular wear. The Hankook Winter i*cept LV will initially be introduced in a total of 24 sizes from 15 - 17 inches with tread widths from 175 - 235 mm and aspect ratios from 75 - 60 in the R and T speed indices. Furthermore, Hankook is also expanding its portfolio for the van and light truck segment with the new Vantra ST AS 2, an all-season tire with the 3PMSF symbol. The specially developed "Ice-Philic-Technology", ensures increased grip even at lower temperatures.

Hankook’s new all-season tire line-up is now available on the European market in 15 sizes from 14 to 16 inches with tread widths of 185 - 235 mm and aspect ratios of 80 - 60 in the speed ratings Q, R, S, T and H. Further sizes are currently under development. In addition, the existing winter line-up in the passenger car segment has been further revised. The ultra-high-performance Winter i*cept evo 2 and Winter i*cept evo 2 SUV treads with asymmetrical tread design, ensure sporty, comfortable handling on wet and dry roads as well as good traction and braking performance even on snowy surfaces. The Hankook Winter i*cept evo 2 is available in a total of 109 sizes from 15 - 20 inches with tread widths from 185 - 295 mm and aspect ratios from 30 - 65 and speed ratings T, H, V and W, mainly as a version with increased load capacity (extra load ‒ XL). The Hankook Winter i*cept evo 2 SUV is available in 50 sizes from 15 – 21 inches with tread widths from 215 – 315 mm and aspect ratios from 35 - 75 and speed ratings T to W. Different dimensions are also offered with HRS (Hankook Runflat System) technologies or as Hankook SEALGUARD.

The Winter i*cept RS 2, specially developed for compact and mid-range cars and optimised for the winter conditions prevailing in Central and Western Europe, is now available in 66 sizes from 13 - 17 inches with tread widths from 135 - 225 mm, conditions and aspect ratios from 80 - 45 as well as T, H and V speed codes. In addition, Hankook has restructured and further expanded its all-season line-up for passenger cars and SUVs for the 2019 season. With the all-season Kinergy 4S 2 for passenger cars and Kinergy 4S 2 X for SUVs, Hankook offers an alternative for predominantly urban areas. The V-shaped tread pattern and the tread compound, which makes use, among other things, of natural oil components, ensure stable driving and braking behaviour throughout the year, able to cope with a wide range of temperatures. For the 2019/2020 winter season, Hankook offers the Kinergy 4S 2 in 56 dimensions from 14 to 19 inches with aspect ratios in 70 to 35 and tread widths from 165 to 255 mm in the T, H, V, W and Y speed codes. The Kinergy 4S 2 X is currently available in ten sizes from 17 to 20 inches with aspect ratios in 65 - 45 and tread widths from 215 to 275 mm in H, V and W speed codes.


Intec, a Turin-based company specialising in the distribution of automotive products and accessories, lifts the veil from two new axle jacks: SJO30-2 and SJP2-2 designed to complete the range of solutions offered by the company for car maintenance and repair specialists as well as commercial and industrial vehicles.

The Intec range of hydraulic jacks is designed to facilitate daily activities in repair workshops, body shop, tire centres and mobile workshops. The new SJO30-2 and SJP2-2 lifts, along with the entire Intec range, are available from authorised dealers throughout the country.

SJO30-2 hydraulic jack, designed for roadside assistance

The new SJO30-2 lift by Intec, is a two-stage hydraulic jack with two extensions specifically designed for road-side assistance and all those applications that require high load capacity with minimum weight and compact dimensions. The product, in fact, has a capacity of 30/15 tons despite its rather minute size, 600x320 mm, minimum height of 150 mm and a maximum height of 409 mm. Largely made of aluminium the axle jack weighs just 24 kg. The SJO30-2 has a low profile and is supplied with two adapters (45 mm and 75 mm) which help to make the most of its 139 mm hydraulic stroke. The SJO30-2 is equipped with a foldable handle, which makes it possible to lift the tool and place it inside any van used as a mobile workshop and intended for roadside assistance or for any kind of activity outside the workshop.

SJP2-2, dedicated to the tire specialist

The new model SJP2-2 is a light and easy to handle hydraulic two-stage jack, which can be used by tire dealers instead of traditional hydraulic trolleys. The compact tool comes in a small size, just 265x285 mm, a weight of 18 kg, a minimum height of 115 mm and a long hydraulic stroke of 235 mm. With a maximum height of 430 mm and a load capacity of 2 tons, the SJP2-2 is the ideal solution for routine operations in a tire shop. Quick lift and safety, thanks to its safety valve and internal telescopic stabiliser.


Firestone launches the second generation of Multiseason, its new all-season touring tire. The Multiseason GEN 02 is the latest addition to the Firestone tire range, which includes all kinds of products for cars and motorists. Among the innovations we find a pattern design and surface-contact area have been optimised to allow maximum water evacuation in the wet, offering a balanced level of tire stiffness in dry conditions at the same time. The tire has also achieved the EU label grade “B” for wet grip and is also qualified for snow performance as certified by the 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) and M+S marking, making it compliant with all winter regulations in Europe. Following an extensive market research involving more than 15,000 European drivers, Firestone started developing its new tire to guarantee that the new Multiseason generation would meet their demands. A further improvement over its predecessor is the European label grade C awarded for rolling resistance in most sizes, which results in a 20% improvement in mileage. Developed and manufactured in Europe, Firestone’s Multiseason range will be further expanded starting in 2020, with 50 different sizes ranging from 13” to 18” Multiseason GEN 02 is set to cover 90% of the market demand, which becomes 70% if we consider 17" wheels and more, suitable for most cars and SUVs.


MAK proposes KOMET, a new alloy wheel designed to seduce Mercedes drivers, perfectly compatible with the original bolts and hubcaps. The new model is characterized by five double "V" spokes that alternate with five thinner spokes from the centre to the drop centre, adding dynamism to the design. KOMET was designed to adapt perfectly to Mercedes vehicles enhancing the family feeling of the famous car brand. The slim, slightly asymmetrical spokes define the design of this wheel. In 2019 KOMET is available in Silver, Gun Metallic Mirror and Gloss Black finishes. The entire range is NAD approved. KOMET is available in sizes 7.5x17, 8.0x18, 9.0x18, 8.0x19 and finally 9.0x19.

CST Tires

In 2019 and 2020, CST Tires offers its All Season MEDALLION ACP1 with a wide range of sizes capable of being used on a wide range of vehicle models, whether city cars or large sedans. Thanks to lateral grooves and two longitudinal grooves with a wavy shape, Medallion All Season ACP1 is able to easily disperse water in wet conditions. The 3D sipes cut into the tread improve stiffness and handling, ensuring grip on snow-clad roads, driving precision when cornering and stability.

3D Tread blocks, Compound, Symbols

The 3D tread blocks, come with an internal notch that fits “hand-in-glove” with the adjacent sipe when any deformation takes place, improving the behaviour of the tire and reducing deformation. More generally, the 3D sipes ensure grip when cornering and make it possible to accelerate quickly, even on snow-covered or icy roads. Another aspect of the new CST Medallion ACP1 is the tread compound, which is particularly rich in silica and can easily reach the optimum working temperature, thus guaranteeing traction and grip even in cold climates. The CST Medallion All Season ACP1 has a standard M+S code as well as a "Three Peaks with Snowflake" pictogram. In its various sizes, the Medallion All Season ACP1 has T, H and V speed codes and is approved for speeds of up to 240 km/h.

Prometeon Tire Group

Prometeon Tire Group presents the new H:01 PROWAY Line. The new PIRELLI branded FH and TH:01 PROWAY tires,  developed by Prometeon Tire Group,  have been designed for use over long distances and to meet the needs for competitiveness of modern fleets. The PROWAY Line has been designed to offer maximum efficiency in long-distance transportation, thanks to reduced Rolling Resistance which delivers greater fuel savings. The new PROWAY Line is available in the FH:01design, conceived for the steering axle, and the TH:01, dedicated to the drive axle, and was developed for an all-season application. Both tread designs comply with winter regulations and are certified with a 3PSMF marking to guarantee the highest levels of performance, safety and durability in all Seasons; the new treads, in fact, have being designed to offer reactivity, grip and traction in all conditions, even on wet and snowy roads. The performance improvements were made possible thanks to new important innovations introduced in the technological package :01T a new tread design PROMETEON  (Patent pending) TH:01 (for drive axles), designed to evolve and maintain traction on slippery surfaces throughout the life of the tire, the innovative compound guarantees improved energy efficiency(from class C to B), while the geometry and footprint of the tread has been optimized to provide excellent performance in terms of even wear.

Ronal Group

In line with the motto “Driving tomorrow,” the RONAL GROUP showcased a unique new product at the 2019 IAA: the prototype “SLM Concept Wheel.” The 3D-printed one-piece wheel made of light alloy (AlSi10) weighs around 5 kg and features a wheel load capacity of 515 kg. Measuring 7×13 inches, it’s the perfect fit for the 1970s Ford Capri recently seen in RONAL’s stand. Successful testing of the “SLM Concept Wheel” for use in road traffic in accordance with paragraph 30 of the German Road Traffic Registration Ordinance underscores the viability of future production by means of selective laser melting. The name of the concept wheel derives from “Selective Laser Melting” production process. Following production, all 3D-printed wheels undergo an x-ray check to rule out defects and material failure. The prototype wheel is part of a study by RONAL TECHNOLOGIE GmbH, founded by the RONAL GROUP as an innovation centre to combine all of the wheel manufacturer’s development and research activities at one location. With the “SLM Concept Wheel,” the company demonstrates the technical feasibility of 3D printing for wheels while generating additional expertise in the sector.


Marangoni Retreading Systems is pleased to present the latest addition to its RINGTREAD “MIX” family, the product range created to meet the needs of users in the on/off segment. Blackline MIX202 is an innovative pattern designed for use on the drive axle of vehicles operating in mixed road/quarry applications requiring high mileage in very demanding conditions. This new pattern significantly improves the features of the designs of previous generation RINGTREADs like the MIX101 and MIX100, thanks to a tread depth of 22 mm and a Blackline compound able to guarantee above average mileage. Furthermore, MIX202 is a non-directional profile, which reduces the risk of incorrect fitting and ensures a greater flexibility of use. Blackline MIX202 is a drive-axle design featuring a pattern with open shoulders and large transversal blocks, and a new and innovative sipe design with a central hole on the shoulder block, ensuring ideal cooling of the block during service; this helps to minimize heat generation and contributes to longer casing and tread life. The tread pattern ensures a proper transfer of forces due to the presence of the transversal tread blocks and reinforcing bridges. This means higher resistance to impacts and to chafing against rocks/stones, allowing greater stability on soft ground (mud). Finally, this new tread pattern is a 3PMSF marked product, suitable for winter usage. Blackline MIX202 is available for retreading tires size 315/70R22.5 and 315/80R22.5.


Following the increasing popularity of powerful SUVs and trendy crossovers, Nokian Tires is launching two new SUV premium products based on the test-winning passenger car models Nokian Powerproof and Nokian Wetproof. The new Nokian Powerproof SUV is a UHP summer tire designed for powerful SUV’s. Much like the passenger car models, the Dual Zone Safety concept ensures that the contact surface of the Nokian Powerproof SUV remains consistent and predictable. The Dual Zone Safety concept consists of two functional zones. The power zone includes a new shoulder profile, firm tread blocks and sloped grooved design ensure the tire delivers excellent grip and steering precision, while the inner wet safety zone has a new tread design and polished grooves to allow for rapid water clearance. The tire tread is developed for demanding use and higher speeds, and the new Dynamic Grip SUV compound is optimized for SUV use and offers excellent grip, maximum durability and superior rolling resistance, which translates in lower fuel consumption. The size selection offers 29 products from 17 to 21 inches, with speed ratings of V (240km/h), W (270 km/h) and Y (300 km/h). The new Nokian Wetproof SUV is a summer tire designed for small and medium sized SUVs. Like the Nokian Powerproof, the Wetproof features safety zone developed specifically for different summer weather conditions. To reduce the risk of aquaplaning the tire's shoulders are equipped with sloping grooves, bullet-shaped notches that have been optimized for flow. The AquaHybrid SUV compound with advanced polymers and a new silica structure offers wet grip (class A in EU labelling) optimising, at the same time, fuel consumption. The robust construction of the Nokian Wetproof SUV combines with specially reinforced aramid sidewalls to withstand impacts and cuts. The new Nokian Wetproof SUV is available in speed ratings H (210 km/h), V (240 km/h) and W (270 km/h) and the size range offers 27 models from 16 to 19 inches.


For the calibration of ADAS devices, CEMB has designed the ADAS CCD KIT. This equipment allows to carry out calibration procedures, as reported by the company, in a more immediate fashion, as the CCD wheel alignment system identifies the thrust axis in a few fractions of a second, providing the user with a real-time indication of the relative position between the thrust axis and the ADAS calibration structure. The universal adapters present in the kit allow to position the front CCD detectors on any ADAS/ACC calibration structure, while the rear ones remain on the wheels of the vehicle. Thanks to the software installed in the alignment program, the positioning is perfect and the procedure extremely simple. The ADAS CCD KIT proposed by CEMB is dedicated to modern workshops, as the need to calibrate the support systems for autonomous driving keeps rising and there will be more and more vehicles that will resort to routine and extraordinary maintenance of their ADAS systems. The CEMB Kit adapts to the calibration panel, is portable and does not require any installation other than the software, is simple to use and saves time.


Kleber has been present on the agricultural tire market in Europe for a long time and has recently launched its new Lugker tire for telescopic loaders used by farmers and in the construction industry. Professional farmers, grain growers, cooperatives etc. need robust, stable, precise and economical telescopic loaders to carry out their daily work. The tire is an essential component in ensuring good mobility. The new Kleber Lugker provides a concrete response to the technical and economic needs of the sector. The Lugker benefits from very rigid sidewalls that limit the deformation of the tire under heavy loads, improving the level of precision during lifting and transport operations. The tread has been designed to facilitate traction on soft ground by “exploiting” a good distribution of pressure over the entire contact area. The bar angle has been designed to optimise the balance between traction on soft ground and the need for lateral stability ensuring also a regular tread wear. The use of two metal crown plies favours durability and puncture resistance. Cédric Lecoester, Product Marketing Manager at Kleber, says: "Lugker is Kleber’s solution for telescopic machines on farms. It is an excellent reference in its field for its quality/price ratio, offering all quality normally associated with the Kleber brand". Kleber Lugker, the latest effort of the brand, has been on the market in Italy since September 2019 in the following sizes: 400/70R20 TL 149A8/149B IND, 460/70R24 TL 159A8/159B IND and 500/70R24 TL 164A8/164B IND.