Winter Sell-out what can we expect?



The month of November is a particularly delicate appointment for retailers due to the weather factor, as an analysis by GFK Italy underlines. While intense promotional activities, such as Black Friday, could affect tire sell-out


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Truck World more than tires



Whether goods or passengers, the transport industry is a clear testimony of the changes currently sweeping through the tire industry, and not just in terms of tire development and improvement but also as far as solutions aimed at improving mobility.

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Circular Economy, where are we?



A conference organized by AIRP with the participation of the institutions, the industry and environmental experts on possible solutions for a smooth transition to a circular economy. As far as tire retreading is concerned, eco-design and environmental taxation would be the perfect tools for a green shift in mobility.

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Industrial recovery: a new plan needed!



According to Mauro Severi, president of Aica (Italian Garage Equipment Manufacturers Association), the sector sorely needs a concerted effort which involves companies, on-going training and a European strategy aimed at preventing a mass return to national markets.


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Not just for sports



From motorsports to national and international football, not to mention the Olympic Games, in an attempt to raise brand awareness and become the first choice for the end customer

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Info-connected mobility



Fifth generation (5G) mobile technology could become the driving force behind Veichle-to-Everything (V2X) connectivity. As part of an event organized by 5GAA, some of the leading automotive and ITC companies have shown how, by joining forces, "intelligent" mobility solutions can be developed.

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