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Yokohama has announced the latest addition to its top global brand, ADVAN. The street sports tyre Advan Neova AD08RS will be on the market in Europe from this spring and the company aims to gradually make the tyre available in 31 sizes, from 185/55R15 82V to 255/30R19 91W.

A redesigned version of "Advan Neova AD08R", "Advan Neova AD08RS" has been developed to comply with European regulation ECE R117-02 S2WR2 (which establishes technical requirements regarding tyre noise, rolling resistance and performance on the wet) and increase its environmental performance. While maintaining the tread design that enabled Advan Neova AD08R to gain a solid reputation for control in dry and wet conditions and high resistance to abrasions, "Advan Neova AD08RS" has a new compound that reduces rolling resistance. The new tyre achieves excellent handling and low fuel consumption, which fully satisfies driving enthusiasts who want "speed and fun".

Yokohama Rubber has defined its hobby tyre strategy as one of the key elements in its broader strategy for consumer tyres included in the company’s medium-term management plan, Grand Design 2020 (GD2020), implemented since 2018. In line with its hobby tyre strategy, the company is accelerating the development of new products and expanding the range of sizes of existing products suitable for use on various types of hobby vehicles from racing cars to classic cars.

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