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Xboss, smart tirechanger

Giuliano Industrial


New high performance tire changers range with parallelogram operating arm. The Reggio Emilia based company is present in 130 countries and boasts 150 patents.

Emiliano Costa

The tire equipment market is increasingly competitive and keeping up with the changes sweeping  through the automotive world depends largely on investments in research and innovation. This is what Giuliano Industrial Spa, the Reggio Emilia-based company specialising in the production of tire changers, lifts and wheel balancers, has been doing for over forty years.


The new parallelogram operating arm

One of Giuliano Industrial’s crown-jewels is the Xboss (recently approved by BMW). An automatic lever-less tire changer - without tool/wheel contact - designed to meet the needs of tire dealers and specialists. A ground-breaking feature on this piece of equipment is its parallelogram movements, able to guarantee greater safety during tire-changing operations. Even though highly automatic, specialists can still decide whether to intervene at any time during the work. The presence of a reliable system allows the operators to carry out their tasks with greater peace of mind and precision. "The technical reasons that prompted us to adopt this kind of design - explains Gianluca Maselli, president of Giuliano Industrial - stems from a fundamental premise: wheel must be handled in total safety and guarantee adequate road safety for the motorist. Many factors contribute to  correct tire changing operations, not least higher rigidity, the principle behind the Par-Move-Concept, used in developing the parallelogram series”. The design of the parallelogram arm generates greater resistance to all mechanical torques. The result is a significant reduction of all visible flexion on the mounting head. The models that make up this series of equipment are 4. Specifically, they are the S119, SX 120, S 121 and S 122. The S 119, in its standard versions, with one and/or two assist arms, represents the basic professional solution with traditional twin-cylinder self-centring plate. The SX 120 is available in two highly professional versions with a 4 cylinder self-centring plate - covered by a Giuliano patent - and two assist arms. The most complete version is equipped with the Lever-No-Lever system (Giuliano patent) which allows the operator to choose whether to work with or without the lever. The S 121 is a medium/high range super automatic centre post lever-no-lever tire changer equipped with two assist arms and bead breaker disk. The S 122 is the top-of-the-range super automatic centre post lever - no - lever tire changer, with two assist arms and a dual bead breaker system with air operated double arm/disk and bead breaker shovel, besides innovative solutions such as the patented SBS System for bead breaker shovel travel memory. In addition, it is equipped with a PO System, Giuliano patent, for granting no bead breaker shovel stuck into the rim during bead breaking operations. All of Giuliano's super automatic centre post lever-no-lever tire changer are equipped with a Patented SMART LOCK ultra-quick, safe and efficient wheel clamping system,. "Our solutions - continues Maselli - are designed and built to offer our business partners significant and decisive sales pitch while the specialists can rely on a new working concept, more intuitive, user-friendly and safer. In addition, Giuliano supplies a whole series of other products ranging from tire changers for trucks to roadside assistance systems, not to mention wheel balancers for motorcycles, cars and trucks, and traditional as well as 3D aligners".


Background history

Giuliano Industrial, is an automotive equipment specialist and manufacturer of tire changers for cars and trucks, lifts and wheel balancers, with a long tradition. Founded in 1976 by Giuliano Maselli, together with other partners, the company kicked off its production activities with tire changers, the success of which, among tire dealers and workshops, allowed Giuliano to invest and manufacture most of its products and components internally, so much so that at the beginning of the 90's the company expended its portfolio of products with garage lifts. However, the quality leap came in the 2000s with the design and production of "The Boss": a super-automatic tire changer equipped with an innovative automatic finger-tool, to remove tire beads without using the traditional bead lifting lever and without any risk of damaging the rim.  From 2010 onwards, after consolidating its position as a major force on the market, Giuliano Industrial began its phase of expansion in emerging markets. An example of this is the opening of the Giuliano Automotive Equipment Suzhou branch in China. Meanwhile, the company continues to invest in research and development, and in the Correggio factory the first Xboss, comes to life, a top-of-the-range lever-less and real no contact tyre changer, with a Par-MoveConcept, characterized by a robust fixed vertical tower with an parallelogram operating arm, followed by the Jboss which, though not a top-of-the-range series, that role is reserved to the Xboss, includes in its design most of the features developed and covered by Giuliano patent already present on the Xboss. Today the company, which has about 80 employees, is present in 130 countries and has more than 150 patents to its credit. A result that denotes a strong commitment of Giuliano Industrial to research and innovation.

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