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WinterPro2Sport the new winter UHP tires by GT Radial

Giti Tire presented the new GT Radial WinterPro2Sport, the latest winter tire dedicated to the Uhp market. Designed for powerful luxury cars and premium SUVs, the features of the GT Radial WinterPro2Sport are: 17-19" wheels, 215-235 sections and 40-65 aspect ratio. The tire features the 3PMSF marking on the sidewall. Design features include a directional profile with edges and sipes designed to improve grip on snowy and wet roads, wider shoulder blocks for greater stability and a precise driving experience. Extremely wide grooves disperse water faster for better braking, while deep sipes and grooves ensure grip on snow. A balanced compound, profile and casing, have been designed to reduce rolling resistance with significant fuel savings without compromising driving safety. The GT Radial WinterPro2Sport will replace a number of codes of the GT Radial Champiro Winterpro HP range, with the introduction of new, larger sizes. The new winter tire delivers 15% more ice traction and handling, 10-15% more snow traction, braking and handling, and more than 7% more braking and wet grip. Together with the GT Radial WinterPro2, the new product provides 39 of the 42 most common sizes for passenger cars and SUVs, ensuring a 70% coverage of the entire market. The WinterPro2Sport was designed and engineered by Giti Tire's European research and development centre in Hannover, Germany.

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